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Part of Mehrangarh Fort

Most people come to Jodhpur to see the impressive Meherangarh Fort perched high on a hill in the middle of the city. From here you can check out the lovely palaces within the fort walls and enjoy the great views across the city……that just happens to be painted blue.

The audio guide that comes along with entrance to the fort explains that the reason why so many of the buildings in Jodhpur are painted blue is because the blue cools the city during the hot summer and detracts mosquitoes.

Not so sure about the scientific basis for the colour blue keeping mosquitoes away, but at least it makes the city look pretty.

Anyways, the fort was cool, the buildings really are painted bright blue, but the best part about Jodhpur was staying at Heaven Guesthouse.

The blue city of Jodhpur next to Mehrangarh Fort

Nisha and her family treated me like family. Since they also lived at the guesthouse, I really was staying in their home. Nisha made the best Indian food I’ve had on this entire trip and her kids were absolute angels. Her 8 year-old daughter drew a picture of a lion for me while the rest of us chatted away after eating dinner together on the first day I arrived. There was no official dining area for the family. Instead we would gather in any available room and sit on the floor while eating with our hands.

So other than the whirlwind tour I did of the main sites in the city with a pair of Americans I met at the guesthouse, I didn’t end up exploring much of Jodhpur during my short stay. I just stayed in and hung out with the family.

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Part of Mehrangarh Fort
Part of Mehrangarh Fort
The blue city of Jodhpur next to M…
The blue city of Jodhpur next to …
photo by: lrecht