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Hawksbill Turtle, King Cruiser wreck dive

Yesterday I set out with P.P. Seafrog Diving to do a full day of diving.

First was the King Cruiser wreck, my first wreck dive. Visibility was crap, maybe 7m, and there was a current, but I still had a pretty good time.

My group consisted only of my dive master and buddy so that was great but there was still a lot of other divers around.  We were lucky enough to be the first group to come across a large hawksbill turtle just sitting on the hull of the ship.

We also ended seeing lots of shrimp, large schools of fish and tons of lionfish.

Next was Shark's Point. Unfortunately for us, the sharks weren’t around at this time of year and the visibility was only about 10-15m but still there were loads to see.

We came across a giant moray eel with a cleaner shrimp inside its mouth cleaning away!

The best thing at this site though was seeing the tiny baby Clark’s Anemone fish, a.

Giant moray eel with cleaner shrimp, Shark Point
k.a. Nemo, frantically swimming around its little nook of a home. It was probably only 1cm big so even our dive master was excited to see that!

I also scored some awesome photos of a bearded scorpion fish and a brightly coloured varicose wart slug with the camera I rented from the dive shop.

Last of the day was Bida Nai which had the best visibility at about 20m.  I was so happy that I managed to get some shots of a gorgeous 2m long leopard shark right before the battery of my camera died!

Of course since my camera died this was the dive that we saw tons of marine life! We saw lots of moray eels, shrimp, some boxfish, a giant pufferfish, my first oriental sweetlips sighting, some squid, and a pustulose wart slug.

All in all, it was an excellent day of diving where I got to practice my underwater photography skills. I still need loads of practice in that area but I’m still really happy with the photos I managed to grab.

Hope you guys enjoy!

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Hawksbill Turtle, King Cruiser wre…
Hawksbill Turtle, King Cruiser wr…
Giant moray eel with cleaner shrim…
Giant moray eel with cleaner shri…
Clarks anemone fish, Sharks Point
Clark's anemone fish, Shark's Point
Lionfish, Shark Point
Lionfish, Shark Point
Lionfish, Shark Point
Lionfish, Shark Point
Varicose wart slug, Shark Point
Varicose wart slug, Shark Point
Coral banded cleaner shrimp, Shark…
Coral banded cleaner shrimp, Shar…
Bearded scorpion fish, Sharks Poi…
Bearded scorpion fish, Shark's Po…
Leopard Shark, Bida Nai
Leopard Shark, Bida Nai