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The cave temple on Elephanta Island

After a long 17 hours bus ride, I arrived in Mumbai yesterday morning.

You can always tell you’re in a big metropolis when room rates skyrocket. I live in a shoebox costing me Rs300 per night. This is considered to be a good deal here in Mumbai. To put this in perspective, in Puri, I managed to get a room ten times larger with a private bathroom, double bed and balcony, all for only Rs200.

I know people with CLOSETS larger than this! My room is so small that it can’t fit a double bed, even if the door was removed from its hinges. There are walls on FOUR SIDES of my bed!

But it’s clean and I’ll give it props for a non-lumpy mattress. And after spending 11 days in Hampi, it’s nice to get electricity during the day.

The cave temple on Elephanta Island
Especially since I don’t have a window.

I can’t really complain. I’m too busy laughing to bother.

Well, Mumbai is just like another big city, it just happens to be in India. What’s nice about it is that I’ve finally managed to find myself a proper sandwich AND Earl Grey tea. This evening I treated myself to a delicious brownie for dessert. My stomach is content once again.

I spent the day visiting Elephanta Island. Apparently, so did the rest of Mumbai. Silly me to forget that it’s Shiva’s birthday! So of course I got completely lost in the hoards of devotees paying homage at the cave temples that scatter Elephanta Island. But I didn’t notice any special ceremonies or rituals. There were just lots of people there as though it were a regular day for a family outing.

Lots of locals poised for a photo with me. Some without permission. That’s always weird…..

This is all I’ve got really. I’m sorry. This entry seems so bland compared to the drama of my Hampi stay.

Whatever. Big cities never really do it for me on these trips anyways. This was just a stopover to restock before heading north to Rajasthan.

Connie says:
Hi Poopi, thanks for you thoughtful comments. I'm sorry to hear that you had an expensive trip to the ER while in India. I myself was unhappy with my bill because I was originally told a much lower fee by the same doctor after I was cleared to leave the hospital. I thought it was unethical to charge me one price while charging my insurance company a much higher one, and collecting fees from both parties. Did you even read my blog entry?

As for the standards in Indian hospitals, I was not expecting the same standards I might find travelling in another foreign country such as America, however, I was hoping for a higher degree of hygiene. My blog entry is about my experiences as a lonely traveller fallen ill in a non-touristy town. Obviously I was upset at the time and chose to complain about what upset me. My entry was an honest recounting of my feelings and experiences and I see no need to hold back from sharing my reactions to this experience.

Further more, please refrain from comparing my experiences to those one might have in America. Do not tell me to go back to America. I AM NOT AMERICAN. You would know that if your mind was open to the idea that a foreigner complaining about a miserable experience in a different country could be of any nationality. I AM CANADIAN. It says so on my profile.
Posted on: Nov 27, 2010
poopi says:
I forgot to mention that my experience is while I was in America. I was trying to say that if they billed you in India $750 for one day's stay and other treatments, I think this is what I was billed in America just for one quick visit, 1.30 hours of wait, then finally less than 2 minutes of doc's visit.
Posted on: Nov 27, 2010
poopi says:
Hi Connie, Thank you for sharing your adventurous trip and its ups and downs. I am delighted to hear some of them, sorry to hear about your ill health and troubles in the hospital. Hope all is well by now. I would like to make one comment on the expense you mentioned while in Hampi. $750 is what I was billed just for a quick ER visit for a stye in my eye, which I didnt know what it was thus the visit. All what they did while in ER, first of all I had to wait 1 hour to get attended, then the nurse took all vitals, then after waiting another 25 minutes the doc came and looked in my eye with a pen light and said "its only a stye, go home and put some hot fomentation and you will be ok". I was happy but then came $750 bill!!!!!
About the size of the rooms and lack of conveniences while you visit India, it would be helpful for you to have an open mind and try to understand that India is not as large as America. Do you know that India has 5 times more people living in 5 times less space compared to America? If you are expecting high fi style treat, lots of space, all other things like in America, stay in America. If you went to experience another country and its culture, then my humble advise is to have an open mind. All countries and all people on earth have their own good things and bad things. A foreigner in America might be seeing lots of things in America strange too unless they have an open mind.
best wishes to you and I admire your courage in your adventure
Posted on: Nov 27, 2010
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The cave temple on Elephanta Island
The cave temple on Elephanta Island
The cave temple on Elephanta Island
The cave temple on Elephanta Island
photo by: vvicy1