Day 6: Manang

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The view of Manang from our balcony
For six days all we kept saying to ourselves was “we just have to get to Manang”.

Manang was the largest town on the east side of Thorong La and was also the town where many trekkers took a day of rest to allow their bodies to acclimatize.  Sitting at roughly 3500m above sea level, the oxygen levels in Manang were getting low and from there the air only got thinner.

Manang was also home to the BEST CHOCOLATE PUDDING EVER.  If you’re ever in the area, pop in at The Tilicho Guesthouse and you won’t be disappointed.

Fun things to note about being at such a high altitude
-    walking down the street makes you short of breath
-    getting a pounding headache is the first sign to getting Acute Mountain Sickness
-    AMS headaches suck
-    walking up the stairs to our room made us short of breath
-    after six days of eating the same, basic Nepali foods, the food in Manang was delicious
-    eating too fast made me short of breath
-    I hate being constantly short of breath
-    Diamox is my friend

From here on in I started taking Diamox, a preventative drug used to allow your body to acclimatize to the high altitude faster.
Manang at sunset
  We were at 3500m but in just a few short days, we were planning on crossing the pass at 5418m, higher than I’d ever been in my life.

But until then, I was enjoying my rest days in Manang.  Manang was a Tibetan town offering stunning views of the Annapurna range.  From our room at the Gangapurna Guesthouse, we would wake up to morning sunlight and an amazing view of the Annapurnas through our giant windows that covered three of our walls.

Gangapurna Guesthouse won our private little competition for best room on the trail.

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The view of Manang from our balcony
The view of Manang from our balcony
Manang at sunset
Manang at sunset
photo by: siri