Day 15: Jomosom

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Jomosom.  Home of Hotel Xanadu.  Home of the most excellent chocolate apple crumble.

They don’t call this section of the Annapurna Circuit “The Apple Pie Trail” for nothing.

After crossing the pass several days earlier, it quickly became apparent to us that the kind of trekker you see on the east side of the trail is different than those you see on the west side.

The east side was a rugged trail with happy, smelly, tired trekkers sharing the days’ stories over communal dining tables in cozy guesthouses in little humble villages that dotted the circuit.

The west side had pale-faced holidaymakers who flew in to Jomosom in order to trek half the circuit in one direction: downhill.  These tourists had entertaining guides and teams of porters carrying their huge packs full of items we hadn’t seen in weeks: razors, hair dryers, clean clothes.  

The guesthouses on the west side of the trail were more comfortable and the communal tables were no longer cozy but formal.

These tourists wore short shorts in a country where modesty is still the norm, and HORROR OF HORRORS, I kept seeing a large middle-aged man wearing a black mesh t-shirt.  

Our trail was no longer a trail.  It had been widened to accommodate the jeeps and motorbikes that kept honking their horns at us as they passed.

We were ready to finish the trail.

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photo by: semiperipatetic
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