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Exhibit A: The Bed Wing (aka: the guys room) at Daret's House
We thought last night would be a great night for all us to go out and just drink.  I met Matt, Lloyd and Amanda on the bus from Bangkok to Chiang Mai this past Sunday and tomorrow we’ll all be heading in different directions.  It’s the end of our little Canuck troupe.  

But in the true fashion of lazy solo travelers without a care in the world, it took us some time to get a move on!  

Exhibit A:  The Bed Wing.  Other than the bathroom, the room the guys were staying in was basically mattress.  What a great place to be lazy!  Hey, what can you expect for only $6 CAN per night for a double occupancy room.  At least the rooms had hot water!  A few beers later we leave for our second destination.
Exhibit B: Beers by the old city wall near the Tha Phae Gate

Exhibit B:  The courtyard across the street from our guesthouse with beers from the convenience store.  As you can see, a great improvement!  Daret’s House is just outside the Tha Phae Gate of the old city and we decided to camp out for a bit next to the old city wall.  There were rows of gorgeous yellow lanterns strung up, probably to honour the king in lieu of his recent birthday celebrations but that’s just my guess.  In any case, they made for excellent drinking atmosphere.

Right about now we’re thinking it might be a good idea to start heading out.  It was, after all, 1 AM.  Navigator Matt pulls out his trusty tourist map, points out a club and we hail a tuk-tuk driver.  No taxis could be found at this time of night so the four of us jam into a 3-seater tuk-tuk and off we went!  Our driver was all about us having a party so he started reving his engine and bouncing the tuk-tuk up a down and for some reason there were these green and red flashing lights on the inside.
Lloyd & Matt at Spicy
  It was very disco-esque, in a Thai tuk-tuk way of course.  I….don’t know…

But of course this is Chiang Mai and the city is asleep!  The tuk-tuk driver stops at the street our supposed club was and this Thai dude sitting on the street (yes, just sitting there) tells us “you go Spicy!”.  Apparently there’s this late night hole-in-the-ground club a few blocks from our guesthouse!  So back in the tuk-tuk we cram and Amanda and I are now freezing our butts off while the tuk-tuk careens back through the city as I struggle to keep my skirt from flying up (in true Connie fashion, yes I know).  

The place is full of Thais and tourists alike, and Matt tells me when he went to the toilet this guy was going around to all the guys at the urinals giving short massages and cracking their necks and stuff.  Matt tipped him 10 baht.  Why don’t the girls get this service?  Well, Matt suggested that maybe it’s more awkward to get a casual massage while sitting in a stall.  I suppose…….

All in all it was a brilliant night.  I’ll miss these guys.

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Exhibit A:  The Bed Wing (aka: the…
Exhibit A: The Bed Wing (aka: th…
Exhibit B: Beers by the old city w…
Exhibit B: Beers by the old city …
Lloyd & Matt at Spicy
Lloyd & Matt at Spicy
Me & Amanda at Spicy
Me & Amanda at Spicy
Matt & I enjoying some yummy banan…
Matt & I enjoying some yummy bana…
Lloyd having a smoke with a new fr…
Lloyd having a smoke with a new f…
Chiang Mai
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