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So today didn’t really go as smoothly as planned.  

I figure I’ve been to Bangkok before so I’m not worried about finding my way.  First things first though when I land at the airport…..head to the ATM, insert my card…….and STARE BLANKLY AT THE SCREEN.  It only occurs to me at this point that it’s been a year since I’ve used my PIN number and I can’t remember what it is!!!  I know what the 4 numbers are but after entering it in twice, I figure I must have forgotten the order!  I HANG MY HEAD IN SHAME!  It’s not like it’s a big deal as I can still take money out from any money exchange or bank teller, but still, the shame of it all!  Travelling is indeed a humbling experience!  Especially when you’re AN IDIOT.  How did I survive backpacking alone in Asia last year?!

I’m not even going to write about the phone call to the credit card company.  All I can say to illustrate my very frustrating conversation is a quote from my customer service agent: “What?  Are you in Bangkok or Thailand, which is it?” (if you can’t figure out the problem here, don’t talk to me.)

Second on the list, get to Khao San Road and find a bed for the night.  Well, you know you’re in Asia when a simple matter of getting to a guesthouse from the airport turns into a haze of confusion and well, more confusion.  I guess I could have just taken the Airport Express bus that leaves from the airport and takes you straight to Khao San Road for only 150 baht, but no, I had to be all “traveler” and take the public bus.  I figure I’m in no hurry!  Pfft!  What an understatement!  

Check out my route:  First I asked around for where I can catch the bus to Khao San Road.  After a few attempts I’m pointed to the right bus stop.  I take the free shuttle bus to the bus terminal and find myself among dozens of Thais, none of whom are carrying any luggage.  I wonder to myself, don’t people who take the airport shuttle from the terminal to the bus station usually have luggage…..or a bag?  Turns out I was sharing a bus with the airport workers so it was all good.  Get to the bus terminal and I see a sign that says “Khao San 556” so I start walking past the buse stops….558…557…555…554……shmeh?!  Alright then!  No worries!  I’ll just ask the official-looking guy sitting behind the window, which is the bus to Khao San Rd?  He says 551 and so I hop on bus 551, ask the bus lady “Khao San?”, she nods and I take a seat.  When the bus lady comes around asking for my fare I ask her if it’s 35 baht.  She says sixty-four and I’m thinking wow, I was way off!  So I hand her some cash, but she only takes 40 baht and gives me another 5 baht as change.  All good!

The bus starts driving around and what’s our first stop?  The bus stop where I caught the shuttle bus!  Just a little circling, it’s still good, it’s still good….

So I’m sitting there figuring it’s probably gonna take awhile since the airport is so far out of town.  Some 30 minutes into the ride the bus lady says to me “you here! Khao San” and she gestures for me to get off.  And by Khao San she must have meant NOT Khao San as I was standing just down the street from Victory Monument, not even close!  I ask around and some kind local tells me to get on bus 59.  So after a 10 minute wait and a 20 minute bus ride, I’m finally here!  

You’d think I would have found my way easier since it’s not my first time to this guesthouse.  Oh the bumbling fool am I!  I spent 9 months backpacking Asia last year…….how am I still alive?

You know, sometimes I ask myself if I’m crazy for doing this again.  I can honestly say that just about every time I answer yes.

droonsta says:
ahahahahah :)

sigh so jealous of you
Posted on: Dec 18, 2007
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