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For the past two days I've been doing some amazing dives out here in Kihei.  I'm diving with Mike Severns Diving and I highly recommend anyone heading out here to go with this outfit.  They know tons about the marine life out here in Hawaii which really makes a great dive even more exciting!

Today's last dive at Nahuna Point (aka Five Graves, Makena Landing) was the greatest dive I've had to date!  Nahuna Point is the location of a green sea turtle cleaning station.  Basically I spent this morning diving with over a dozen GREEN SEA TURTLES that gathered at this one spot.  Some of the male adult turtles were a good 3-4 feet in length and they were swimming so close that at times they'd brush right up against me as they swam past!  The most amazing part was when a male turtle climbed onto the back of a female turtle and the two BEGAN TO MATE.  We watched as the pair hovered in the water for several minutes and then the pair decided to swim to the surface for a breath of air - only they didn't stop getting it on!!! 

The only thing that distracted me from the group of turtles was the feeding MANTA RAY that kept swimming around the reef with its giant mouth wide open.  It was roughly 6 feet wide and it kept doing loop-de-loops in the water as it was feeding.

And just to add to my already soaring high, we spotted a humpback whale and HER CALF as we headed back to shore!  Saw her fluke as she went under.  Woo hoo!!!

Other sightings I've had in the past two days were a 1 month old white tip reef shark hiding under a reef, black tip reef sharks, moray eels GALORE, a group of garden eels that look like  a small field of grass in the sand, a boxfish, pipefish, shrimp, a HUGE Hawaiian spiney lobster, a slipper lobster, a bright yellow frogfish, a leaf scorpionfish, eagle rays, butterfly fish, parrot fish, triggerfish, wrasses, and all kinds more!

The dives here in Maui are so ridiculously awesome!  Visibility has always been a good 125 feet and more.  I've got one more morning of dives tomorrow and a day of snorkelling with my sister at Molokini before I bugger off this island.  I'm so excited for tomorrow.  I have yet to do a dive here without seeing something amazing.  I'm so blown away at how much marine life there is out here and how active all the animals are despite all the divers. 

You people need to get your butts out here and check it out for yourself!
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