10 Rupees! I Said 10 Rupees……Pen!

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The palaces at night

Udaipur is definitely one of those cities that’s a must see on the places to visit in Rajasthan. Hello! It will forever be remembered in my mind as the city of constant repetition.

First of all, hello, hello! the main draw to Udaipur is all its beautiful palaces. They really are gorgeous, particularity the white Lake Palace that actually manages to give the impression that it really is floating on water. But that’s not all. 10 rupees? There is another palace in the middle of the lake not to mention the palaces that flank the lake and the Monsoon Palace sitting perched on the large hill overlooking the lake.

It makes me wonder what 10 rupees, miss! all those maharajas were thinking when they felt the need to build all those palaces within sight hello! of each other.

Dhobi wallahs washing the laundry at Gangaur Ghat by the Lake Palace

Secondly, what made all these palaces absolutely famous was the filming of the James Bond flick, Octopussy, at three of these palaces, the Lake Palace being the home of Octopussy herself.

I said 10 rupees!

The repetitive theme regarding this aspect of Udaipur is that every restaurant plays the movie Octopussy every night around 7pm. EVERY NIGHT. I wonder if Roger Moore 10 rupees is touched, or possibly disturbed, that an entire city plays that movie with that kind of frequency.

Hello 10 rupees!

You mean 10 rupees for me? Why thank you little boy!

No, no! Me 10 rupees! 10 rupees hello!

10 rupees! 10 rupees hello!

This must be your sister.

It’s truly amazing how persistent some of the locals can be. I once had a guy want to take a photo of me so badly that he just stood next to me repeating please, please, please, please, please… over and over again until I just walked away.

Dhobi wallahs at the Gangaur Ghat

In Udaipur, I decided to head down to one of the ghats one morning to watch the dhobi wallahs at work. They’re the washers who sit by the waters everyday hand washing cloths in the city lake.

Unfortunately, several children also like to hang out at the ghats and when they saw rich little foreigner me come along, they decided to ask for some freebies.

10 rupees please!

10 rupees?! That’s mighty cheeky. 10 rupees goes a long way here in India. For a kid to ask for 10 rupees is like having a panhandler back home asking for spare five dollar bills.

Sorry, kid, no rupees.

1 rupee? Pen? Pen! Hello! 10 rupees!

I also question the negotiating tactics of these little monkeys.

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The palaces at night
The palaces at night
Dhobi wallahs washing the laundry …
Dhobi wallahs washing the laundry…
Dhobi wallahs at the Gangaur Ghat
Dhobi wallahs at the Gangaur Ghat
photo by: s_vivek62