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We got up, and since our flight didn't leave until 7am the next day we took it easy and didn't hurry. The drive was pretty un-eventful. However we did run into a check point for drugs. As far as we could tell if you didn't have a surf board all they did was ask for your passport and the vehicle regristration, and you moved on. If you did have a surf board, you were pulled off to the side and everything was removed from your vehicle and they had the dogs go through the luggage and car. Up arriving in San Jose with no idea where we were going and the fact we had to fill up the Treo before returning it to the rental company we were lost. We did find the rental company and then off to find gas. Well I ended up truning down a one way street the wrong way, and got pulled over. I somehow managed to act dumb enough and confuse the officer enough that he got frustrated and just told me to leave. Got gas and back to the rental shop without incident. The rental company said they would give us a ride to our hotel which was in the heart of downtown San Jose. It took forever to get there because all the streets were blocked off for a presidental meeting with all the Latin American presidents.
Finally made it our hotel, found some dinner, and decided to crash since there were protests going on in the streets. At about 2:13am there was a earthquake. It almost shook us out of our beds, and the building was swaying like crazy, and of course we were on the top floor. People were screaming and Eric asked me what to do since I grew up in Ca. and lived through earthquakes. I said not much if this building decides to go not much we can do on the top floor. Things setteled down and we went back to sleep. That was the end of this trip to Costa Rica, but I am going back. I loved it.
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