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The day started off as usual. Breakfast with one of the best views I have ever had. We decided that today we were just going to go to the forest perserve today. We drove the 4 miles in our treo (which sounded like the transmission was going to fall out every time I shifted into 2nd gear) to where the trail started. As usual we were bombarded with guides willing to show us the preserve for a price of course. We chose a guide and off we went. He showed us a lot of the local wild life, moneys, sloths, bats, and tucans. However every time we asked him about a trail off of the main trail he would say don't go down that lots of snakes. After he finished showing us the park we asked about one trail. He said there was a waterfall at the end but don't go down that trail lots of snakes.
Well since we had hiking boots on and the trail looked good we decided to go anyway. At first we were wary of where we stepped and was watching the ground all the time. Until we chanced upon another couple coming out from the waterfall. This couple didn't have any shoes on at all. So we figured that why worry about snakes (it's funny we were warned a lot about snakes but never saw any). We got to the waterfall and hung out then it was back to the enterence area. Once there we decided to hang out on the beach in the park, which is very nice. As usual after that we went back to our resort and hung out and drank beers while watching the sunset. At dinner time we walked to a local place and had dinner, and then off the to local bar. We have been going to the same place since we arrived, so they knew us by now. This night I decided to go into the casino, but first I had to borrow $20 from Eric because there was a $50 minium. I started playing blackjack and actually did pretty well. I went in with $50 and came out with $200.00 which paid for all our drinks, and some drinks for other people we met, dinner and with some left over. 
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the guide got me knocked out of th…
the guide got me knocked out of t…