Day 39 - Another supposed Beach Day .... but no weather for it either!

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Well, today was supposed to be another beach day seeing that we never made it yesterday! However, someone forgot to tell the powers that be ... that we really needed sunshine for it!! So when we saw it was another dull and cloudy day, we decided not to bother with the beach!

So ... again like yesterday, today was spent doing a bit of reading, listening to music and just chilling out. Caroline did go and get a bit of pampering done ... i think it was a manicure and pedicure or something .... well .. i wasn't particularly bothered about getting one done myself so I just spent the entire day chilling out!

That was before we headed out for New Years Eve of course!!! We headed out at about 9:30 for the new years celebrations! We decided to head back to the nice travellers pub that we were at with Ben and Katie. The place was quite packed when we arrived but we still managed to get a seat and grabbed something to eat! We ended up sharing a table later on that night with a couple from Australia and an American fella ... who was married to a Vietnamese woman if I remember right (it all was a bit hazy to be honest!)

After many drinks and many strong cocktails we rang in the New Year at 12:00 in the usual fashion .... 5 ..... 4..... 3 ..... 2..... 1 ..... Whey ... Happy New Year .... and then it was over .. just like it always is. We wished everyone we could aropund us a Happy New Year ... and returned to the drinking! After a lot more cocktails and beer we eventually headed for the hotel about 1:30 I think .....

It was a pity I forgot my camera at the hotel ... because I would love to have pictures of some of the cocktails and the pub ... but maybe we'll get back there again before we leave Hoi An. Anyway .... Happy New Year to everyone! I hope you all enjoyed it!

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