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Well ... as in every holiday it is worth finding out how bad the hangover is affected by humidity, heat, foreign food and different types of alcohol. Well i decided to try it on day 3!! After having a great night with my neighbour from home. i woke up eventually bout 12 o clock with a terrible hangover. Those little bottles of Beer Lao are lovely, but not when you drink them by the case full!

After originally wakening i knew my body wasn't really ready for another day so i went back to sleep .. only to wake up about an hour later!! I decided i had to try and face something that day! Caroline wasn't fit for anything though as she was still suffering in bed! I decided to try and eat something so i headed off to the nearby restaurant and ordered what i thought was an easy (similar to home) meal of a chicken club sandwitch with fries. It wasn't the best idea i had! I managed to eat about 3 fork fulls of it and that was it .. i even ordered a bottle of coke to see if that would help .... but no ... alas .. the hangover wasn't going to go away that easy! I then spent about 2 hours on the net trying to upload photos and stuff to my blog ... but that didn't work too well either! foreign computers but more specifically foreign keyboards aren't easy when your hungover, so sorry if yesterdays blog doesn't make much sense!

Anyway .. after that i decided to head back to bed for a while ..... which done me the world of good .... and when i woke up (for the 3rd time) .. Caroline was also up ... mind you this was about 8 o clock that evening. So we decided to try the food again ... this time I had greater success! Managed to finish an entire meal ... and have another beer (God i was feeling brave at that stage) ... but it done me no harm thank god ... and off i trundled back again to the hotel and back to bed.

Just a tip for anyone drinking abroad .... DO NOT go out and get completely blotto within the first week .... it can possibly put you off the holiday altogether. Humidity does play a part, as does foreign food ...... you are not at home now .. so the usual home remedies won't be available! Anyway ... there's my tip for the week. Enjoy!!
twiby says:
ha,ha. reminds me of my first week in bangkok...i find another beer always helps!! glad you are enjoying thailand, i am so jealous of you right now!! :)
Posted on: Nov 26, 2007
SoloSister says:
You know it's bad when even Coke doesn't work... lol
Posted on: Nov 26, 2007
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