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St Basil's Church
First impressions of the cabins once we were on the trains was; god these are tiny. But they were also a lot nicer than I thought they would be and as hot as I was led to believe. If you have never been in one of these cabins, they are definitely an experience in themselves. I'm not joking when I say they feel like furnaces. It would be minus 20 degrees outside or more, and the cabins would be 30-40 degrees. Crazy. But I guess it was better to be sweating in a cabin than freezing. It would only be a overnight ride to Moscow. So I tried to get as much rest as I could on train. Plus I was really bushed. It was at first pretty unsettling trying to sleep on a train. The train makes weird sounds and rocks a little. Not to mention the really hard matresses. But shortly after we departed the station bound for Moscow I was sound asleep.
Colourful buildings. Not sure what they are.

I was woken up by some awful russian songs blaring through the speakers in the cabin, and being on top bunk they were placed directly above my head. This would have woken even people outside the train it was so loud. But I guess they had to make sure you woke up and prepared to leave the train. So with the music blaring there wasn't anything else to do but get up and get dressed and pack up before we reach Moscow in a hour.

We were met at the platform by our new city leader, whose name happens to be Anastacia as well. Easy enough to remember.

After taking us to our hotel, we headed out to the city. Since the Kremlin was closed, the only thing left for us to do was walk around Red Square. It was here that we werer able to visit Lenin's final resting place. It was right on Red Square. Okay, visiting a dead guy is not my first choice of fun things to do. But its Lenin. It was really weird seeing one of the greatest leaders laying there in front of you looking so fresh. I'm not sure what they do to keep him from decaying, probably embalmed him in some mystical chemical. But he looked just like he did in all the history books you grew up with.

With that weird experience over, we headed over to St Basil's church which was on one end of Red Square. With all the happy snaps taken, we retired and headed back home.

highlandmist says:
well please keep writing, your blogs are great. my memory isn't the best either but the things you remember the clearest are the things that had the most impact on you, becoming the highlights of the total experience, and that's what people enjoy reading about. at least i know i do! it gets me thinking about doing things i'd never dreamed of or even heard of before! now if i could just win the lottery...
Posted on: Dec 15, 2007
dfoo says:
Yeah I've noticed the same thing. All the popular kids get picked. ;) I think generally the more friends you have, the better chance you get featured. Not sure how it works, but I think its up to the admins/moderators who choose who gets featured.

I'm glad you enjoyed the blog. I wasn't sure if anyone was reading it at all. It's not written in the best fashion. I've probably skimmed over a lot of things, as what gets in is what I remember at the time of writing and my memory is not the best. Plus writing after work is not a good idea, by the end of the night you just try to rush through it and finish the particular day you were writing about.

I'm not looking forward to writing a blog about my 3 months around Western Europe. It's going to take forever. But I enjoy it. The whole process lets me reflect on my travels years down the track.
Posted on: Dec 14, 2007
highlandmist says:
this is great stuff you have here, i'll have to come back and read more later. i haven't been on here long but i don't understand how it is the same 2 or 3 people always seem to get the "featured blog" spot, with only a paragraph written and maybe 6 or 7 smiles. is there some trick like putting a lot of exclamation points and asteriks in front of your name to bring you to the top of the list, like in a chat room? i just don't get that. i'd feature you, this is the type of thing i was looking for when i signed up :) they should let us vote.
Posted on: Dec 14, 2007
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St Basils Church
St Basil's Church
Colourful buildings. Not sure what…
Colourful buildings. Not sure wha…
More Russian buildings
More Russian buildings
Even more russian buildings.
Even more russian buildings.
Me on Red Square. Well to the side…
Me on Red Square. Well to the sid…
Red Square.
Red Square.
Close up of St Basils
Close up of St Basil's
Awesome church which I forgot the …
Awesome church which I forgot the…
Some ornate buidling. For all I kn…
Some ornate buidling. For all I k…
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