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After paying our bill for the Ger camp, we headed back to Ulaan Baatar where we dropped off our backpacks and headed straight for the history museum. Again our guide thwarted our plans. We wanted to freshen up after not being able to have a shower for the past 2 days. But I guess history is more important that several dirty travellers.

Our guide wanted to leave us at 11am to spend time with her boyfriend, claiming she felt sick. By now we're pretty fed up with her excuses for not taking us around. So we insist that she spends a bit more time with us. We end up squeezing a few more hours from her before she jets. She ditches us after we've completed a bit of souvenir shopping. Instead of doing the kind thing and offering us a lift back to our hotel, she takes the van to go home or wherever she was going. We end up walking the 2-3 kilometers back to our hotel with our hands full of groceries.

After chilling out for a few hours, we meet up and go to a Mongolian Buffet. Something which we have been dieing to do. Again we manage to use up all our mongolian money as we depart from Mongolia tomorrow morning. The meal we had at the restaurant was pretty good.

In retrospect, the time we had in Mongolia was not as bad as it seems. Although there was no denying it would have been better with a better guide. I would definitely love to come back to Mongolia to see and travel around the Gobi desert minus all the snow. Like all past loves you can't stand mad at them for long, and the lure of the unconquered is too great.
highlandmist says:
that what you said about past loves, that you can't stay mad at them for long... that pretty much sums it up for me & my 2 months in london (not that the two places are comparable!) but when i was there i thought i despised it at least most of the time, and as soon as we went back home to scotland i started missing it and praising it up to everyone who asked how it was! strange... but i'm glad to know someone else understands the feeling and can put it into words so well.
Posted on: Dec 15, 2007
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photo by: Biedjee