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This morning we went to the Hermitage. Spent a good few hpurs wandering around many of its magnificent galleries. It truely is one of the best art galleries in the world. After travelling around most of Europe, it takes a lot for me to say one gallery stands above the rest. It's sheer size is amazing. From the outside it does look huge. But inside its another world. Hallway after hallway. Room after room of exquisite art. We literally spend hours here. Like the Louvre and countless other galleries, I could spend a week in here and not see it all.

With the faint rumble in my stomach, and the dull pain that goes along with it. We decide to get pancakes for lunch. Weird I know, but thats what it says in my travelogue. By the end of the meal, I doubt Russians can cook anything bad. First you've got your goulashes and other hearty meats and meals which are quintessentially Russian, then you've got your tasty kebabs and delectible pancakes and hot chocolates. I just don't think its possible to eat anything bad in St Petersburg. I think thats probably the benchmark when deciding which cities make good food. If they can make a decent kebab, then you're onto something.

After pancakes, we went to some cathedral. Later on we proceeded to the Fortress for my second viewing.

As it was getting dark by the time we finished off at the Fortress. Our guide Anastacia took us to an English Pub. Yes its weird going to an english pub in Russia. But there is good reason for it. It's ladies night. Who am I to say no. I'm sure if it came down to a vote, the 4 females would make my 1 vote useless. Not that it had come to that point yet. Let me say, having worked in a traditional English Pub before in London (it even had the traditional pub dogs). This place was as traditionally english as you could find in Russia. Eventhing from the saw dusted wooden floor boards to the brass fittings. Ladies night was apparently free champagne night. Which was fine in my books. I bought one pint of ale, and was fed champagne by the ladies for the rest of the night. I think the establishment was onto us. Not that they cared much.  Without any food in our stomachs since the pancakes at lunch. We got very drunk very fast. In hindsight it was a pretty bizzare situation I was in. I was in Russia, getting drunk on Champagne in an English pub on Ladies night. Lets just say that won't be happening alot in my life time. Our drunkeness might have been caused by a long day of walking as well. I don't think we caught public transport all day. It was us and the pavement.

Long story short. I had managed to walk home without getting the details for tomorrow. One of the girls had got mugged for her fags and bottle of beer (or so we thought). Who then proceeded to argue and fight with her friend who she was travelling with.  
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