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The district square in my town- people in either their official government uniforms or their yellow shirts

King Bhumibol Adulyadej was born in 1927- making him 79 years old.  He was crowned King in 1946, making him the world's longest serving head of state (that is still alive...there are others but they are already dead).

Thailand takes great pride in it's royal family, so if you are planning a visit here it's best to just not talk about the subject at all expcept for a comment like "The King is wonderful; the Princess is so kind", etc.  But, in all honesty, the King is wonderful, the Princess is kind; the Royal Family has done many great things for their country.  They have many foundations: agriculture and health being the most prominent.  His Majesty was recently honored with a peace prize from Kofi Annan in his handling of the recent political turmoils Thailand has been facing.

i love this shirt!
  The King even has patents on some devices that have to do with rain- something called a cloud seeder: in Thailand it's the King's rain, and don't you forget it.

This year marks the 60th anniversary of his assention to the throne, and it is a big deal.  I watched some of the celebrations of my TV- heads of state form about 20 other countries came to pay respects- as well as going to the party in my town. 

Yellow is the color of the king and for 2 weeks we were all to wear yellow to work everyday.  Additionally we are to wear yellow every Monday for the rest of the year.  So at the party in Sawang Arom there were the officials presenting honorary flowers to the King's portrait followed by something called Lik-ae, which is a traveling troupe of singers, dancers, and comedy performances.

I like my yellow shirts, and my yellow Long Live the King braclet.  In Thai it says Row Rak Prajow Yoo Hua, which translates to "we love the god above our heads" (his title in Thai: Prajow Yoo Hua means god above our head).

If only all countries had such respect for thier leaders...=)

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The district square in my town- pe…
The district square in my town- p…
i love this shirt!
i love this shirt!
my co-teachers at thier finest
my co-teachers at thier finest
there was a candle ceremony with t…
there was a candle ceremony with …
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Sawang Arom, Changwat Uthai Thani
photo by: iolakana