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Walked around Hollywood.  Walked down the boulevourd of broken dreams.  Hit pretty hard by the tourist sharks.  Why would i pay you, so you can take me to someone else's house that i dont even know.  Are they going to let us in for milk and cookies...mmm cookies.  No thanks.  Walked hard down by the theatres, people dressed as movie characters begging for change.  Rappers passing out demos for a donation.  Interesting scene, which the locals stay away from for good reason.

L.A. is cool.  Anywhere else in the world, you over hear a conversation, its about mindless dribble.  Overhear a conversation in L.A. and its about a script that has been re-written for the third time, or about how much nose hair Harrison Ford has sprung up.  L.A. is cool.

For lunch we met up with Sofia at Alcove.  Apparently that dude from Entourage ate here once, and if you look carefully you can see his sweat on one of the chairs, wicked.  Food was pretty good, and the outside patio is choice.  After lunch, Sofia took us to her brother's house in Los Felizes.  This place was sweet.  It was up in the hills, so the view of downtown and smog was pretty cool.  This place would be 10 times cooler if it wasnt for the smog.  I cant imagine breathing that swag in everyday for life.  Drinks later was at some trendy mexican bar and cantina, of which i can not remember the name.  But again, it apparently is cool for that possibility of spotting a celebrity.  None spotted.
pinchora says:
I've never been here... maybe it's something I should check out. I went to palm springs twice and asked my friend to go down to LA (I really wanted to see the price is right)... but it never happened! sigh... =*(
Posted on: Jan 07, 2008
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