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Well my flight from JFK was a little delayed, but not too bad. I arrived in Madrid in the morning and still had a little time until my connecting flight to Tangier. I finally arrived at  Tangier airport, went through customs pretty quickly. After asking a few of the security guards, made my way to the currency exchange window in the airport to change some of my U.S. dollars into Moroccan currency. To my dismay (okay it was more like "what the hell, damn"), it was closed. I arrived the day after Ramadan ended and totally forgot that it was a holiday.  Thank god I still had money in my account and was able to withdraw from the ATM. 

I ended up meeting one of my travel/tour mates, Bronwyn (she also ended up being my roomate for the duration of the trip), at the airport. She too was standing there staring at the the closed currency exchange window.  After griping about it being closed, we started talking and realized we would be in the same tour group, so we shared a cab to our hotel, Hotel Chellah. After we checked in, we decided to walk around a bit and explore Tangier and to grab a quick bite to eat. As we were walking along, we started noticing that most of the cafes we passed were only occupied by men.  Needless to say, we ended up stopping in a bakery and eating some pastries. We just kept walking down streets, without really paying attention to street names or where we were. Yes, we got lost. Our first day in Morocco, and we got lost. So we just decided to try and backtrack, but we were still lost. After a while of wandering around the streets of Tangier, we finally found a nice gentleman who was willing to show us the way to the hotel. Thank god I am fluent in Spanish, since he only spoke Spanish, French and Arabic.

That evening we met some of the members of our tour group and our first tour guide, Asham. A few of us decided to find a place for dinner (by this time Bronwyn and I are starving, having only eaten pastries). So Bronwyn, Rebecca, Jade and I found a little Irish pub up the block from our hotel. We go inside, are seated and proceeded to order. Let's just put it this way, what we ordered is not really what we were served.  asked for a fish stew, but was given some concotion called "Irish Stew". It was soooo nasty, it was mainly bland potatos. The other girls ordered some type of soup, were given another type of soup. Bronwyn, ordered sword fish, and was served this tiny, bony little fish on a plate. We were all laughing, and were like what the hell, that's not sword fish. Looks more like an anemic guppy. It was hysterical, I guess our waiter just wanted us to eat what he wanted us to eat. So we ate alot of bread with butter that night.

sheba124 says:
I went with the tour group Kumuka
Posted on: Jan 23, 2009
PinkBikini says:
What tour group did you take?
Posted on: Jan 20, 2009
FR-ank says:
ah ah ah...Maroccan way of life ;)
Posted on: Apr 28, 2008
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