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We probably stayed in Tegucigulpa (Honduras' hell to pronounce captial city) for longer than any other tourists.  We spent 4 nights and 5 dusty days there, which considering the sites worth seeing were seen in a morning, was a long time indeed.  We wanted to go for a walk in the La Tigra National Park, which is siad to be one of the most accessible and pristine cloud forests in Central America. Got there Sunday, Monday the park was closed, Tris was on the toilet most of Tuesday, Wednesday we went to La Tigra, and Thursday we busted our way out of there.

The walk in La Tigra was fabulous.  The paths were fairly well marked so we didn't need to go with a group or guide.  We had plenty of time to wander about (at our own fairly sedate pace).  All the trees were covered in mosses, lichens and creepers.
We only saw a few interesting creepy crawlies, but the day was stunning.

The kicker was the supposed 4km walk out of the park to the town to catch our bus back.  It was in actual fact a knee jarring 5-6km walk (with the last 1km in torrential tropical rain that came out of no-where) to a small town were the last bus had already left.  We managed to understand from the bemused girl in the shop that there was another bus in a nearby town going to the capital in 20 minutes(ish). It would pass somewhere over in 'that direction' and it was a 30 minute(ish) walk up hill.  We found an unknown reserve of energy  to power up that road into the unknown after already walking +15km.  Knowing that if we missed that bus we would have to start knocking on people's doors begging to stay in their stables. Of course we did make the bus with plenty of time to spare. Never again will we curse the reliably late buses.
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Tegucigalpa, departmento de Francisco Morazán
photo by: ArlsAndTris