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Just when we were thinking of heading out of Nicaragua bound for Costa Rica, were got a traveller`s recommendation. `You absolutely CANNOT miss the Corn Islands`. Since we haven`t been able to stop thinking about diving since the Bay Islands in Honduras...and because we apparently love a tropical paradise...we decided to try our luck by turning up at the airport to see whether there were tickets left for that afternoon`s flight. Luckily for us, and unfortunately for our budget, there were tickets left, and in less than an hour we were taking off in an small ex-Russian plane back towards the Caribbean.

Whoever said that "airtravel takes the travel out of travelling" obviously never travelled in a plane that was so low you could see each cow and car or had a pilot that took great pleasure in dodging around individual clouds.

The Corn Islands are two islands (Big Corn and Little Corn...very original). We jumped the 1st boat off Big Corn and were in remote and virtually unspoilt tropical island paradise of Little Corn by dinner time.  Our accomodation was a rustic cabaña among the palm trees right on the beach.  And at night every step would send  crabs sucuttling away across the sand.   

We finished our advanced open water dive certification, and have now logged 8 hours of bottom time which we are very proud of :-) These dives were absolutely AMAZING!!! The highlight for Arlene was a dive at a site called white holes, where we spotted 8 nurse sharks. Now these sharks can get big (over 2 metres), but they are lazy! We were lucky enough to see one swimming over the reef, while the rest were lounging  in the sand.
They actually position themselves so that water moves through their gills with the aide of the current rather than having to use precious energy with swimming. Now these are our kind of sharks! Tris practiced some of his newly learned buoyancy control by descending head first over coral formations to come face to face with too many sharks for comfort (Well, Arlene thought so anyway!). We also saw some massive sting rays, and eagle rays swimming in formation.

 Tristan´s favourite dive was the night dive. Now this was spectacular, and a must for all divers!. It is all a different world at night. With the light of our torches, it was easy to spot some of the biggest lobsters and other crustations that we have ever seen, as their eyes glowed red with the light. Our dive instructor´s hand symbol for lobster was to rub his belly...´Mmmmm, lobster´. Stingrays and sharks have eyes that glow green, and either we saw a heap of sting rays on this dive... or one very curious one seemed to be following us. Tris also saw an octopus...much to the jealousy of Arlene and the dive instructor.

Now read the next entry to learn about our interrogation by the police at the airport ;-)...ooooooohh, suspense!!
sabzero says:
nice travel review :)
I'll fly to corn island in may and I'm already very excited! :))
Posted on: Apr 03, 2009
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These kids demanded Snap my foto
These kids demanded "Snap my foto"
Corn Islands
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