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Crossing the Border out of El Salvador and into Hondurus caused a few mild heart palpitations, as our Chicken Bus almost went over a small waterfall!!  Now the roads generally aren´t great  at border crossings, but this all took place in land that is claimed by both El Salvador AND Hondurus. We figure that neither country really wants to spend much money on road improvements just in case some international court declares that the land isn´t theirs!! Luckily a big digger truck was behind us, and proceeded to squash some mud in the path of the cascading water to allow our journey to continue. We decided to travel as quickly as possible to the coast, and the gorgeous town Tela welcomed us into the relaxed beach lifestyle that we were itching for. Luckily the tropical storms that featured in Belize stayed away for us to swim in the Caribbean without having to dodge huge piles of seaweed.

Tris ate the best piece of fried chicken ever...only to suffer later ...I don´t think I need to be particularly graphic here. We decided to upgrade to a gorgeous little apartment with Cable TV to aid his recovery, and to catch up on our television programmes!!

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photo by: brett4321