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From Pen Mar I head on up the road to Waynesboro, the last town I need to revisit in South Central Pennsylvania. I remember taking a hike in the woods near here a couple of years with my wife on our anniversary and then having dinner together in town back in February of 2005.  It seems that even back then there was a thirst to discover new places.

 Waynesboro is a midsize town with a rather run down Main Street and not a whole lot going on. It does however have two large dove statues at the entrance to town which were a gift from a Pakistani doctor who works her to the town.  I figure I’ll go ahead and use them as my backdrop--  as there’s little else unique about Waynesboro.  I wander down Main Street and stop by the Waynesboro Historical Society to see what I can learn.   I ask the lady inside if she can tell me anything about the history of Waynesboro, but she doesn’t seem to know anything--she says the Society only helps people find out about their family histories.

 Then I remember that I have a good friend here in town, Mike Blubaugh.  As a matter of fact, he’s the guy who really encouraged me back when I started playing music at Open Mikes last year.  It seems that it would be appropriate to call him up and maybe he can be a “crossover” friend who I know both in Real Life and in this Alternate Life. 

So I call him up and we arrange to meet at a nearby diner where I tell him about all my random wanderings with my guitar over the last 7 months.  It feels good to finally be able to talk with someone about what I’m doing, and he seems to find my new lifestyle quite interesting.

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Waynesboro PA
photo by: nathanphil