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Then next day, I’m out braving the cold once again.

 I drive down to Emmitsburg and then swing up northwest towards Waynesboro.  Suddenly a sign catches my eye, it reads “Pen Mar”.  I’d completely forgotten about Penmar!  It’s the village where my brother and I took a break during our Appalacian trail hike… Not much to the village itself, but it would be a nice chance to reminisce on that hike we took…

 It was back in October of 2000.  I had just moved to the USA for the first time in my adult life after living years of wandering around and living in Europe, Morocco and Mexico.  I was finally coming to terms with the fact that I needed to settle down for a while and figure out my life.  Going on the hike with my brother was a great chance to get to know him again after years of being apart, and to ponder on the direction my life had taken.  We only hiked about 36 miles of the trail over 2 days--  but it was still a very memorable adventure.  Here in Penmar (named so because it’s right in the border of PENnsylvania nd MARyland) we stopped for sodas, to enjoy the view of the valley below and just to kick back for a bit.

 Now I’m back… it’s a good chance to reflect on how much my life has changed over the last 7 years.

 I find a spot with a great panoramic view of the valley below and a sign that says how many miles it is to Maine in the north and Georgia in the south--  plus there’s snow on the ground, thus making it my first real “snow” clip… 

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Pen Mar
photo by: nathanphil
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