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Despite a heavy work schedule, I’m determined to escape to Adventure Mode every single chance I get.  So next day once again before going to my second shift job, I head off on yet another mini-adventure.  This time I’m heading southwest, once again down Highway 11.

 Highway 11 is built on an ancient route that has been used for centuries to transport people, livestock and good down the Cumberland Valley.  Every 15 miles or so there’s a town that, back in colonial times would have been a good stopping place for slow moving travellers.  Some of these towns like Carlisle, Chambersburg and Hagerstown have flourished and grown.  Newville for some reason stayed small.

 A bit shabby with only a handful of shops on its narrow Main Street including one pizzeria… It is nice to reach the edge of town and not see semi rural sprawl, but rather, open fields. But with the Harrisburg Metropolis encroaching, who knows how long that will last…

 As with the other towns, I get flashbacks of my first tour of this town, back in May of last year.  That time I was going to a high school party where friends of mine, David Stein and Josh Tolan were putting on a concert.  I remember feeling really old among the high school crowd and also being struck by the fact that every single student was white.   It seems that Newville, although near to Harrisburg geographically, is far, far away culturally. 

 As I wander around the town again, I ponder on this.  What’s interesting though, now that I work in near Harrisburg, is seeing how “Red State” folks from the countryside and “Blue State” folks from the city come and work at the same places.  I think this is a very healthy thing as it allows people from different backgrounds and ideologies to get to know each other and hopefully overcome some of the stereotypes and prejudices that are so deeply rooted in American culture.

I find a beautiful little waterfall and waterwheel where I take my video clip.  A very pleasant little visit.


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photo by: nathanphil