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Episode 09: Winter Towns

 As 2007 came to a close and a new year began, I wasn’t quite sure if this whole new adventure lifestyle has just been a fluke, a “glitch in the system” allowing me to escape reality for days and weeks on end into another realm, or if it was the beginning of a lifelong journey.  So after my last little escape, I put away my guitar and camera, continued with my normal activities, and waited to see what would happen. 

 Shortly after the New Year, I had a job interview down in Washington DC, so I took  my guitar and camera with me, just in case a “window” might appear during this time.  After a disappointing interview, I went back to the car, grabbed my guitar and headed down the Potomac River.  I soon found a beautiful place to strum along the riverwalk, with an interesting mix of people passing by.  A couple of young Saudi tourists asked if they could take my picture… I guess it will be for there collection of “odd things you might see in the capital of America…”

 I continued down the river a ways and even walked across the bridge to Arlington, Virginia which technically is a new city, so it should count as a “new discovery”.  However, perhaps because I was weighed down by the results of my recent interview, I just didn’t feel like I could slip out into my Alternate World.  It seemed like Real Life was saturating my mind and emotions, and I just couldn’t disconnect.

o maybe that Dream Life was all just a temporary illusion.  Maybe I’m doomed to spend the rest of my life in the redundant routine of Reality.

A Short Little Escape

A few days later, however, I felt the itch again, and the resolve to disconnect and go discover something.  I only had a couple of hours before work, but I felt it was now or never, I had to heed the call.  So I hopped in my car and sped down the road to the nearest still undiscovered town:  New Cumberland.


Well, actually, I remember now that I did explore this peaceful little suburb last June when I was getting familiar with the Harrisburg area, I remember bicycling across the town, past a big trailer park, past a large military depot and airport, and on up a wooded hill a little ways where I got a nice bird’s eye view of the Susquehanna River.   It was cool to see how, even being so close to a big city, a town can have a completely personalized feel to it.

 Well, this time I’m going to explore it again on foot, and of course I have to find a place to play my songs and take a video clip.  Fortunately it’s not too cold today, but playing my guitar in the winter outdoors is still going to be a challenge.

 New Cumberland’s Main Street is only about one block long, but it still has character to it with a small movie theatre and a an Irish pub.  So it looks like it might be the place locals choose to hang out on a Friday night, even though Downtown Harrisburg is so close.  After playing my set in a park along a quiet little stream, I decide to grab a burrito in a trendy little joint with 50 deco—looks like the kind of place that might appeal to the college crowd.

 Then I’ve got to head off to work.  This hasn’t been exactly a big “jump start” on the new year, but it might be enough to start getting the adventure juices running.

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New Cumberland
photo by: nathanphil