0077 Back in the Harrisburg Suburbs (USA 042—revisit)

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I wake up once again in Dream Mode—and this is probably going to be my last awakening this year.  So as I head out to explore one last town, I also want to take some time to reflect on all that has happened over these last six months.

 This has been a completely unique experience for me… to be living two parallel lives.  One, as a wandering adventurer who plays music wherever he goes and who’s every experience is indelibly engraved in his memory.  And the other life… well, I’m not quite sure what goes on there, because I can’t remember any of it.

 I ponder on all of this as I wander the shady suburb of Camp Hill, which is right across the Susquehanna River from Harrisburg.  It’s a bit of a snobby neighbourhood but beautiful, with houses with a lot of unique designs.

I sit down at the park to strum my songs and soon find myself surrounded by children—which normally I’d find quite enjoyable.  However here in Camp Hill, I can feel the suspicious eyes of parents who are waiting for their kids from their cars glaring at me (here in Camp Hill they feel they’re too “classy” for schoolbuses).

Nobody says anything to me, and eventually the kids scurry off, but I still find myself quite irritated at this country where, if you don’t fit into the “mold” people automatically assume the worst about you. 

And so… I slip back out of Dream Mode and into Real Life… and the sand continues to trickle through the hourglass until the year comes to an end.

End of Episode 07 with 16 towns explored. 11 days

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Camp Hill
photo by: nathanphil