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The next day I find myself on the turnpike heading east,, straight through the Appalacian Hills.  I’m heading to Everett, Pennsylvania a town I took a quick tour of back in July 2006. I enjoyed the charm of this quintessential Appalacian town, tucked in between the hill with a cheery Main Street and a crowded diner where it seems everybody in town comes for lunch.  There’s a classy little hotel with a garden in front, and an old school style theatre… I found myself inspired by Everett… There’s a close knit feel to this town that seems to be disappearing in America nowadays.  It’s true that these folks probably drive across the mountains every day to jobs in bigger cities, but they still haven’t given up on their little town.

 Everett is also clearly proud of its history as a Highway 30 town… Highway 30 was America’s first long distance highway, stretching from the Atlantic to Chicago.  It’s now faded and been overshadowed by freeways, but the giant mural in Everett is a nostalgic reminder of days gone by.

 I soon reach the edge of town and walk a few blocks to the left.  There is an enormous levee along the river.  Apparently, Everett used to get flooded from time to time and the townsfolk finally decided that their town was worth preserving, so they built this levee to protect their town…

And then I have another pleasant surprise… I see a black fellow walking down the street with a white girl… Definitely not something I’d expect to see in a backwoods town like Everett.  Looks like some things are changing here in Everett--  in a good way.

I take a clip in front of the Highway 30 Mural, then continue on my way.

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photo by: nathanphil