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Episode 07: Awakening the Scattered Memories

 *For previous USA adventures, go to entry 0028

 My last Episode in Dream Mode went seriously wrong right at the end.  As I rode my plane halfway around the world, I started feeling sicker and sicker.  As a matter of fact, my last meal was the first airplane meal I’ve ever left uneaten… I hate turning down free food…

 I had been planning to make a quick trip over the river to parkbench New York City, and then catch the 2 AM bus to Harrisburg, but that clearly was not going to happen.  I barely made it to the bus station delirious and barely aware of what was going on around me.  If someone had wanted to rob me, I would have been perfect prey…

 From Harrisburg, I caught a cab to Mechanicsburg, another first for me… And went to bed and stayed there for a couple of days.  High fever then chills---seemed to me the symptoms of malaria… but supposedly Malaysia eradicated malaria… I felt sicker than I can ever remember in my life…

 I held out until Monday morning, and went to the city clinic—as I had just lost my heath insurance—hoping these Pennsylvania doctors will be able to properly diagnose my tropical ailment…

 Just my luck, they actually had an African doctor, from Niger, on staff!  It seems like he was able to diagnose me right and give me the right mix of antibiotics to get me back on my feet.

 Now three weeks later, I’ve woken up back in my Dream Mode again.  I realize that I still need some time to absorb my Southeast Asia adventure before I start venturing into new territory again, so I opt to just look for a nearby town that might reawaken some more memories from my past life. 

My first town will be right across the Susquehanna:  Middleton, Pennsylvania.  Here I can again reminisce my little camping adventure in April 2004 (see entry 0016).

Middletown in best known for its proximity to a nuclear power plant.  I think it’d be cool to have the power plant as a good backdrop for my clip—but then again, nowadays the US government is pretty paranoid about people taking pictures of things like that… so I opt against it…

I wander down the main road—which seems to be missing the typical Main Street shops… down a side street, and down to the city park.  There I find a large log cabin which marks the colonial roots of Middletown… Nearby a park worker in Civil War garb is lighting a fire for a mini Civil War camp display… I feel honored—since I am the only “tourist” there to appreciate his efforts!

So Middletown does, sort of, appreciate it’s history.

On back into town, I find the real Main Street—a quiet area with a couple of quaint shops and a movie theatre.

I’ll have to say, not too bad for a suburb town…

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photo by: nathanphil