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A Song in Thung Song

Day 041: 4 hours, 4.9 kms

 I kind of need to pick up the pace a bit if I want to make it all the way to Singapore, so I go ahead and take an overnight train before I make another stop.

Next morning I arrive in the very non touristy town of Song Thung. 

There’s a shadeless little park that doesn’t look very appealing for a parkbenching session, so I wander around looking for something better.  Nothing really remarkable about the town other than some jungle covered cliffs at the edge of town which I use for a backdrop. I remember wistfully the days when I would have seen a cliff like that and climbed it rather than just take a picture of it…

I wander around the bustling little downtown and head on back to the train station.  On my way back I spot a white guy chilling out with some of the locals… he waves…

That’s one way Thailand is different from, say, India: there are foreigners everywhere. You go to the most anonymous off the beaten path town and you’ll find a couple of sunburned Australian backpacker girls whining about the poor internet connection… Kind of dulls the exotic edge of the place.

Zardo says:
That white guy could have been me - I live there, with my family. :)
Posted on: Oct 10, 2010
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A Song in Thung Song
A Song in Thung Song
Thung Song
photo by: nathanphil