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IDay 032: 4 hours, 12.9 kms

 I follow a canalside country road, on past the last tourist joint… and back into “real” Vietnam again… Simple homes, fields, grids of canals… little country stores and barber shops in thatch huts… Old ladies passing me in cone hats, staring at me in curiosity… It feels great to finally get a taste of rural Vietnam.  Someday I’ve got to come back here, rent a bicycle and just travel from village to village to village all around the region…

I reach a junction with another dirt road heading south… hopefully I’ll be able to do a loop and not have to retrace my steps… I continue on, through seemingly endless idyllic countryside…

Finally I reach a lake of some sort--  but it looks like there’s another road heading back west… Looks like my loop idea might just work…

I head on back in direction of Hoi An.  Soon I come upon a little village that looks substantial enough to count as a parkbenching location, so I head in to explore it.  I ask an old fellow what the name of the village is, he says something like “Tang Cuang”… I don’t know if I got it right or not, but since I can’t find this village on any map, Tang Cuang is what it will be… I hope that’s not a bad word in Vietnamese…

(Note: years later, this town finally appears on Google Maps, and the correct name is “Cam Thanh”)

The houses and little shops are clustered tightly together on the shores of an artificial palm tree lined lake.  To get around the village you’ve got to navigate a labyrinth of narrow dirt alleys.  An interesting glimpse into life in a simple farming village in Vietnam. 

People look at me a bit suspiciously here--  but I manage to avoid taking a dead end into someone’s inner patio… I follow a footpath along the lake, and back out of the village.  There I find a nice spot to take my clip with the village in the background.

Unfortunately, I’ve run out of road… but I refuse to give up… I cut across the rice field on a foot path until I come across another shady dirt road that takes me back to Hoi An.

It’s been another beautiful day in Vietnam.

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