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Day 009: 3 hours, 6.5 kms


I head on towards Washington DC—but decide to stop for a quick tour of a smaller town on the way—just to get the taste of a different something different.  I pull off in Laurel, Maryland, just a few miles from the NSA headquarters, home of the world’s largest eavesdropping operation.   Who knows what folks around here listen in on…

Main Street Laurel feels a bit flat… I continue on to the park and pool—and since I haven’t found anything really interesting yet, I just keep on going, right into the forest on the other side. 

There I find a stream and figure I could explore the stream for a little ways.  It’s a nice break from just wandering around urban areas.  It’s true that my Music Project is mainly about towns and cities—as that’s where the culture and the people are, and that’s where more memories can be created… no reason who I can’t occasionally enjoy nature as well.

I find a big boulder that I figure I could climb on top of and take my video clip there…

On my way back I find a lone parkbench next to the public swimming pool to play my set.  An older couple drive up and sit in their car for a bit.  Finally, they come over and ask if they can sit on the bench with me.

“We always sit here every day to read for a bit” they tell me apologetically. 

And so, I have an “audience” here in Laurel—although I don’t think they really count, since they didn’t exactly come to listen to my music… but I play a few songs anyway which they say they enjoy, then I head on my way.

The fact that they were an older biracial couple also helped make that encounter particularly memorable…

I stop for a quick lunch of pupusas (a Salvadorean specialty that I’ve had a hankering for since my days in Los Angeles years ago…) and then continue on to Washington…

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photo by: diisha392