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Day 004: 3 hours, 3.1 kms

I could have turned around and headed home afterDover, but I still want to see one more facet ofDelawareculture.

 Rehoboth Beach is a tiny, empty town for much of the year, but turns into a large, bustling beach city in the summertime.  I’d passed near here a few years ago with my wife, and figured this is the chance to really discover the town. But as I get close, with evening approaching, stuck in traffic I started to wonder if this is really a good idea. 

Finally I reach the town and drive up and down the streets looking for a place to park… Finally I find a place and hurry to the boardwalk before the sun sets.

 The boardwalk is crammed with people strolling past the stereotypical ice cream shops, souvenir shops and arcades… It doesn’t have any percussionists, guitarists, or one man bands busking the boardwalk asAtlantic City, so I wonder if busking might be illegal here.  As a matter of fact, a someone church youth group who seem intent on putting on some sort of dance and music performance, comes and asks me if I know if they’re allowed to play music on the boardwalk.

“Well, worse thing that could happen is they’ll come and tell you to stop” I reassure them.

Not wanting to compete with a church show, I head further down the coast to play my set.  I don’t get any real attentive listeners—but it’s still fun experiencing the boardwalk vibe…

Afterwards, I quickly headed back to my car to drop off my guitar and put on my swimsuit—I can’t pass up this opportunity for a swim in the ocean…

After getting flipped over a couple of times by the rough surf, I give up on the swimming idea, and go for a evening stroll through town instead.  A bit further down, an Elvis impersonator is having much better success than I had drawing a crowd… I listen for a bit then head don’t the narrow side alleys past chic little boutiques and candy shops. 

Four very differentDelawaretowns… it’s been a good day.


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Rehoboth Beach
photo by: nathanphil