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                Day 003: 4 hours, 2.9 kms

 After Lewisberry, I’m still hungry for something of more substance to sink my teeth into.  So I follow a winding road on south looking for any sizeable town to explore.  And then suddenly, I’m crossing famous Highway 30 and I’m heading into York.  So York it will be.

York is a medium sized city sort of overshadowed by Harrisburg to the north and Baltimore to the south.  Whenever York is in the evening news, it’s usually because of some murder or robbery—there seems to be a disproportionate amount of crime going on in the city for its small size.


Here inYorka have another flashback.  Last year I brought my wife here to take care of some family matters.  Afterwards we took a stroll through its shady downtown district and into its fun little city market.  It felt like a pleasant place to wander around with a mix of urban and town feel to it.

That flashback is a reminder of the complexities of life back in the Real World when many times exploring new places was something that was just tacked onto a business or a family trip, not an end in itself.  Quite different from my journey today.

My Jam Sessions in York

Now light is quickly fading, so my first priority is to take a video clip or two before it gets too dark.  I spot aseaofAmericanflags outside the cemetery and can’t resist the opportunity to use this stereotypical American backdrop.

Then I drive a bit further and find a place to park.  I find a couple of cool murals and take another clip just before dusk sets in. 

A continue on, soaking in the sights and sounds. Yorkdoesn’t have quite aBigCityfeel—but it’s too big to be a town… There’s a main drag where a couple of popular eateries spill out into the street—but otherwise it’s pretty quiet.

A group of African American girls blurt out. “What are you doing with that guitar?”

“I’m recording clips for my music video—do you girls want to be in my video?” I can’t resist the opportunity.  They eagerly accept.

It’s really too dark for a good clip but I decide to give it a shot anyway.

Immediately all the girls start shakin’ and groovin’ as if this were a Snoop Dogg rap dancer audition… I quickly try to thing of what kind of music might work and settle on a reggae riff… They all go wild. I tell you, for 30 seconds those girls made me feel like I was the hottest act since Usher…

Unfortunately, I’ve had to censor out parts of the video clip so I don’t get into trouble—but it will still stand as one of my coolest clips ever!  I’ll never forget my little cross cultural jam session with the African American girls inYork.

I walk around a bit further, to where I see a couple of college students strumming a guitar on the steps of their apartment.  Still feeling in a very sociable mood, I come over and join them—and soon we’re jammin’ together.

Finally, I continue on my way.  I relax for a bit on a bench outside the town baseball stadium, just as folks were heading home from the game.

And with that, I get back in my card and head north, back to the Normal Routine… and another mini-episode of the Minstrel Lifestyle comes to an end.

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photo by: esterrene