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Day 001: 2 hours, 2.7 kms

  Ideally, I should walk from Selinsgrove to my next town, to have the true minstrel experience of trudging on foot from one village to the next.  But today I’m racing against the clock to try to give this Lifelong Adventure a strong start—and then rush back to Ordinary Life before anybody gets suspicious.  So today I’m going to “cheat” and drive the couple of miles to my next town: Lewisburg.

 Here I find it easier to notice clues that should stick in my memory about this town. There’s a beautiful gray stone church with well dressed people going inside for their Sunday service… a building that looks like a mix between something you’d have seen in the Old West, but with some distinctive eastern European elements to it…

There’s a bridge across theSusquehanna river and I hike halfway across trying to figure out a way to take a video clip with the river in it.

  But there’s nowhere to prop up my camera, so I give up on this idea.   It’s going to take a little practice to figure out how to take a good video clip.

Back on the shore I see… can that be right? There in the park is the same guy with the same flag-wearing dogs that I saw in Selinsgrove! It’s a bizarre moment—almost like “a glitch in The Matrix” déjà vu, which makes you wonder if this whole experience is real or just something I’m creating in my head.

Back in town, I reach a beautiful 19thcentury style hotel that seems to still be in use.  I wonder… are there actual tourists that come visit this off the beaten track town?   For a brief moment, I have a fantasy of working for the Pennsylvania Tourism Bureau, getting paid to wander around the state taking video clips of myself playing music in front of beautiful places, kind of like that wherethehellismatt guy…

For a moment I’m reminded of how un-glamorous the life of a wandering minstrel actually is.

  Just for a moment.

I ask a couple of passerbys to take a video clip of me in front of the old hotel "It's for an amateur music video" I explain.  Seems like that makes a good conversation starter.  Then I continue on exploring the town.

After a video clip in the park and two more clips on various bridges over a small stream, I sit down for my second concert of the day.  This time there are a few people around—but no one seems to be immediately magnetized by a guy strumming his guitar in the park.    All the same, I still get the same magical, mystical  feeling that I got in Selinsgrove and I know Lewisburg will never be forgotten.

Now, let’s go do another town.

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photo by: nathanphil