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Lebanese dinner - Jared just ate an entire Thai chili thinking it was a green bean. :)
Day 2 - October 25, 2007

Eva Air, while generally a good airline, does make sure that you are acutely aware of what class you paid for by not only making the seats as uncomfortable as possible, but also by keeping you entirely separated from the “high class” by not even allowing you to lay your eyes on those that have spent thousands rather than hundreds.  I had visions of the Titanic stowage class as I waited behind a curtain to disembark in Taipei as the first and business class passengers were carefully escorted off the plane before allowing the rest of us a much needed stretch of the legs.

In Taipei, we were able to find a transit hotel, which gave us an actual room for 3 hours before our flight to Bangkok.
Lebanese dinner
  It was a fairly nice room with nothing but the smell of mildew to keep me from wanting to stay there and sleep for a little longer.  I’ve got to say… it was the first time I have rented a room by the hour!  :)

The flight to Bangkok was uneventful and in comparison, short.  Upon arriving in Bangkok we made our way through the mobs of people trying to get us to use their “taxi” (which translates to their personal cars) to get us to the other airport in Bangkok for the last of our 3 flights.  

After finally obtaining a true metered taxi by simply walking out the front door of the airport, we made the hour drive to the other airport.  After checking our bags, we had 4 hours till departure so we jumped in another metered taxi and asked for a place near the airport that did Thai Massage.  The driver nodded and repeated what we said and pulled out.  After driving 20 minutes or so he pulled over and pointed at a large building and said “Thammassat…University” which Jared took to mean that he had brought us to one of the Buddhist Wats that teaches massage, prompting him to get very excited.  The driver looked extremely confused and pulled forward a little ways so that we could see the sign that proudly announced this as the North Campus of Thammassat University.  After a good laugh, we charaded our way through telling him what we were really looking for until the look of recognition hit him.  After another hour’s worth of cab ride in the opposite direction we ended up back in downtown Bangkok just in time for rush hour traffic.  A quick Lebanese dinner and a few beers later we were on our way back to the airport sans Thai massage.  

We flew into Udon Thani somewhere around 30 hours after leaving Seattle.  The hour ride from Udon Thani to Nong Khai in a  “limousine”, which consisted of a mini-van packed with about 12 farang, is hardly memorable beyond my nodding off and trying not to sit on the E-Brake.  

As we checked into Mut Mee guest house, right on the banks of the Maekong River, there was a lighted float parade and fireworks going off to celebrate the end of Buddhist Lent.  Room number 4 is a nice room with a firm bed, a fan and mosquito netting covering all of the windows.  The bathroom is down the hall, shared with 2 other rooms.  The bathroom has a mildewy smell, but it’s probably due to the fact that there is no drainage system (the shower is part of the room and the sink just drains directly onto the floor)  There is a large tub filled with water that you scoop out and pour into the toilet to flush.  So far I am feeling relieved I have not had to flush anything unpleasant…  I spent a couple of hours working tonight to get ready for my 3 am conference call before heading to bed.  Sleep comes quickly with the sounds of extreme partying being heard across the river from Laos and down the coastline in Thailand.

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Lebanese dinner - Jared just ate a…
Lebanese dinner - Jared just ate …
Lebanese dinner
Lebanese dinner
photo by: Deats