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Day 10 – November 2, 2007

I have to say it’s nice to only have one or two days out of a week when you have to put in more than 2 or 3 hours worth of work to keep your clients happy.  Today was one of those days, so we spent it at our favorite little place eating breakfast, and ultimately drinking beer as we answered email and took conference calls.

Afterwards we of course had to work out all of that tension with another massage and a nice city walk.  There are some beautiful Wats in Chiang Mai.  Our favorite was ……  It had a beautiful ancient ruin behind it with some gorgeous Buddha’s placed at the top of the four sided temple, brightly lit as the sun set.  It also had Jared’s favorite, Monk Chat.  We were able to sit down and ask a couple of Buddhist monk’s pretty much anything we wanted to ask.  We were mostly curious as to whether or not becoming a monk was a lifetime commitment.  It apparently is not, although most monk’s are monks for life.  

We followed Monk Chat with a nice Thai dinner and Jared tried his first whiskey shake.  I can’t imagine ordering something like that on purpose, but he liked it.  I thought it tasted like an alcoholic bubble gum smoothie.  Ewww…

After dinner we strolled through the overly farang (white tourists) packed Night Bazaar.  As with any Bazaar, it was full of trinkets and things you don’t really need but feel you just must have before you can leave because otherwise you may get home and regret not having bought them.  After a little shopping we sat down for a drink and started talking to the bartender/owner.  He was thrilled to see we had a Lonely Plant book and insisted on opening it to show us that his restaurant had been given a good review in the book.  He then borrowed it to go and show his sister.  

A quick tuk tuk ride back to the hotel to change and out to our first Thai night clubs.  The first place we went to, Warm-up, was full of trendy young Thai’s doing their best to attract the opposite sex.  The most interesting thing for me here was the bathroom procedure.  I was starting to get frustrated as I waited in line and people kept walking past the line and into stalls as  they opened.  I ultimately realized that there was a separate line for each stall and I had simply made the poor choice of waiting in the line for the one girl in the bathroom who was already apparently too drunk to remember to come out of the stall.  

While it did make for interesting people watching, we quickly realized that we are no longer 22 and that constant chest pounding techno music was a little much for our old ears.  Walking out of the club I was almost knocked off my feet by a guy sprinting around the corner followed close behind by 3 other blood soaked gentlemen (I use the term lightly).  They proceeded to catch up with the first guy and beat the living daylights out of him while the club emptied to watch the brawl in the street.  The sole cop who happened to be walking by tried to help, but after being thrown out of the circle where the guy lay on the gound covering his head one too many times, apparently decided he didn’t get paid enough to deal with this and just stood to the side until the beatee managed to scramble to his feet and take off sprinting down the middle of the street with the beators in close pursuit.  That was the last we saw of any of them.

We finished off the night dancing our feet off at a pleasant little place called Spicy till 5 in the morning.  I’ve never seen Jared have such a good time dancing and we were glad that the club was owned by the chief of police so that it could be the only bar to stay open past 2 am in the entire city of Chiang Mai.  

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Chiang Mai
photo by: Stevie_Wes