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Dinner in Trastevere
After unsuccessfully visiting the Uffizi gallery in Florence, I made my way to Rome. I soon discovered there was a nationwide strike, as many of the famous tourist attractions in Italy were closed, including Palatine Hill in Rome. I made my way to an area called Trastevere with a friend I'd met in Florence. We had a fantastic meal at a local Italian restaurant and were entertained with some brilliant street performers after dinner. Not such a bad start after all!

Did some of the major sites on my first day - the Colosseum, Palatine Hill, the Roman Forum, the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps. The history in this city is absolutely amazing.
An example of the fine parking in Rome. It is a pretty smart car though!
Although many of the ancient sites are in complete ruin, you can picture how amazing it would have been thousands of years ago. The Romans were definitely a superpower ahead of their time. There is also a lot to be said for the productiveness of slave labour!

I was lucky enough to be in Rome on the last Sunday of the month - the only day where it is free to get into the Vatican. However, I went to join a tour group, but the guide never arrived! I decided this was a blessing in disguise as I'd heard the crowds are just dreadful on the 'free day.' So instead of visiting the Vatican, I went to a flea market and walked along the river. I also visited the Villa Borghese gardens and museum. I ended the day with dinner and a walk to the Trevi fountain with a couple of girls from my hostel. We thought we'd happened upon a bit of a bargain restaurant.. until we were told the price of the orange juice - 5 euro (almost $10!) Hmmpff. I'll never order a drink before looking at the menu again! The Trevi fountain looks amazing at night and one of the best gelati shops is right nearby. It was absolutely scrumptious gelati, but I was prepared to keep experimenting...

I finally got to see the Vatican and St Peter's and I was very glad to have skipped the crowds of the 'free day.' The sistine chapel was a huge highlight and St Peter's was pretty spectacular also. That Michaelangelo sure was a clever fellow!

Had a great day wandering around some of the other sites in Rome - the Pantheon, an architectural feat even by today's standards as a perfect sphere could fit into the building's dimensions. Largo di Torre Argentina are the ruins where Julius Caesar was killed. It has now been turned into a cat sanctuary. Campo di Fiori is a cool little market square where lots of yummy food is sold.

My final day in Rome was spent on the Appia Antica - the ancient Roman road. I believe the saying 'all roads lead to Rome' may have been mentioned once or twice that day! We visited an ancient catacomb, which was rather creepy. Especially as it was halloween! We made a side-trip to the Mouth of Truth and were happy to walk away with our hands intact - apparently if you put your hand in the Mouth of Truth, you run the risk of having it chomped if you haven't told the truth!

After spending a week here, I felt like I only scratched the surface of this amazing city!

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Dinner in Trastevere
Dinner in Trastevere
An example of the fine parking in …
An example of the fine parking in…
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