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K.L. Landmark of Petronius Twin Towers from my hotel window. It was a gorgeous view.

Had no problems getting to the airport by 4.30 a.m. as I didnt sleep much last night. Hotel got me a taxi and waved me off....I will be forever grateful to the entire staff of the Hilton Kuching!!!!!!

It is only an hour flight to K.L. and on arrival it was easy to catch the express train into K.L. Sentral station ( 30 minutes). Once there I purchased a taxi ticket and arrived at the Embassy at 9.30 a.m. Of course you have to go through security before entering the Embassy building and this poor Malay guy/soldier with limited english kept asking me for my passport!!!!! I broke down and cried AGAIN trying to explain that I HAD NO PASSPORT!!!!!! This other wonderful 6 1/2 foot english speaking soldier came to my rescue and let me put all my luggage in the guard office before waving me through security.

K.L. Tourist Centre is housed in a grand old building and has lovely manicured gardens.
..THANKS..... Finally got inside and was greeted with...go and fill out this form.....I was feeling very lonely and alone but it didn't take long to get the paperwork done, handed back and I was out of there. I was given assurance my emergency passport would be ready on the morning ofSaturday 9th, even though the next day was a holiday..  My friendly soldier then helped me get my luggage outside, waved down a taxi and told him to take me to The Renaissance (which I found out was 5 minutes away- but would have been hard for me to get there with all my bags).

On check in I had to pay the full 2 nights accomodation in cash......It was then I found out this was another 5 star hotel!!!! I was pleased to be able to go up to the nice room and collapse for a short while.

 I then took a taxi to Malaysian Airlines office in the city to pay for and pick up my air ticket for K.L. - Singapore (dept 4.30 p.m. 9th Nov.)  Long wait at the office. You have to get a ticket on arrival and just wait patiently for your was pretty busy so I was there about 1 1/2 hours. By now my funds were getting very depleted so I knew I would be having a very quiet time in K.L.

I went to the excellent Tourist Centre which is almost directly accross the road from the hotel. Crossing that road was an experience in itself...6 lanes of fast and furious no rule traffic. You've really got to watch out for those scooters!!!!! The Tourist Centre is really well set up and very friendly...was able to use the 15 minute free internet, sit in air-con comfort, check out the mini museum, sit in the lovely gardens,  and ended up telling my tale again to a lovely lady called Nanna. She told me about the Cultural show that was on at the centre the next day and said she would get me in for free....very nice to talk to someone sympathetic.


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K.L. Landmark of Petronius Twin To…
K.L. Landmark of Petronius Twin T…
K.L. Tourist Centre is housed in a…
K.L. Tourist Centre is housed in …
Old Chinese Malay form of transpor…
Old Chinese Malay form of transpo…
The Renaissance Hotel pool area.
The Renaissance Hotel pool area.