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Well I had a lot of great experiences in Amsterdam! ......

The museums were the best ever. I got a special pass that got me into a few different museums for a whole year! Since I was going to be there for 5 weeks, I decided to get one because it was cheaper than visiting each museum once. I'm very glad I did too! The paintings were on  rotation and the exhibits changed. So I was able to afford going to The Rijksmuseum and Van Gohg Museum about two or three times each and saw different stuff each time!

I grew up in Mexico and started CRAVING spicy food, which is not easy to find in The Netherlands. My friends and I found a "mexican" restaurant near the train station and the only hot sauce they had was Tabasco! grr..... not my favorite hot sauce because it has no flavor, but at least it was spicy. Word for the wise if you love spicy food as much as I do......bring your own hot sauce to Europe!!! I will next time :)

Of course I did a lot of pub hopping, dancing in discos, and various other extra activities in Amsterdam, ahem. The Red Light District isn't all that bad. Go visit it, because it is seriously quite the experience, especially if you go into any of the sex shops. There is some crazy stuff in there! Beware of "Space Cake" I ate a fourth of it and it kicked my ass! seriously! ( I'll leave everything else I did up to your imagination, I don't want to incriminate myself on the internet, lol.) Amsterdam was a great place to meet people. I made a lot of friends there from the states and all other places too. What a great time!

oooooooo, yes! I almost forgot! beware of hostels that are on boats!!!!! dont book any of these on the internet. Visit any "boat hostels" before you book them! terrible, terrible experience on the stupid boat hostel. beware!



Traveling_Brian says:
Sounds like trouble!
Posted on: Nov 19, 2007
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