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The t-shirt Auri bought me as an early Channukah present
    Eli, Tamara and I got into Burlington around noon and met up with Auri at her apartment. We then headed over to Church Street, which is really only like a 10 minute walk from my cousin's apartment. Before looking around in the stores on Church Street, it was time for brunch at Penny Cluse Cafe. Although Eli and Aurina weren't 100% sure where the place was that we were going for brunch (and we ended up walking a block too far, to then walk back 2 blocks) we found Penny Cluse and headed in. After around a 20 minute wait, we were seated and our awesome waitress came over to take our orders.
    Penny Cluse has AWESOME fresh squeezed juices and our waitress brought out samples so we could decide what we wanted.
No, you're not dyslexic...this is just an awesome bumper sticker.
They have fresh squeezed orange juice, grapefruit juice, and tangerine juice. I got the grapefruit juice because it was the only one with pulp in it...and I enjoy chewing my juices. Haha. Eli got a grapefruit juice with a little tangerine added into it, and Auri got the orange juice. They were all really good.
    Anyway, foodwise, the Penny Cluse Cafe has HUGE portions. We started off with something like loaded fries, except they were home fries and there were a ton of them. Then on to our actual meals (even though we were already basically full at that point.) I got two eggs, bacon and gingerbread pancakes for around $6...and I had trouble finishing it all. I did eat everything that was on my plate, however, because it was amazing. The gingerbread pancakes had just enough gingerbread taste to them and weren't too sweet or anything and the bacon was crispy but light and really good.
The kids' train that goes up and down the center of Church Street.
Auri and Eli got an omlet that was a special for the day and Tamara got a sort of breakfast sandwich. We all tried each other's food and everything tasted amazing.

    After eating way too much, we headed out to walk around Church Street. Since I had never been to Burlington before, I thought this was awesome. Church Street is kind of like the Ithaca Commons in Downtown Ithaca, NY...except bigger and with a greater variety of stores. We decided it was time to start holiday went to a toystore, where we got some board games and random presents for people. We went into a candy shop, and art supply store, a few card shops and a kitchen supply store. I ended up buying presents for just about everyone that I want to get things for. Eli bought me the best tasting kettle corn I have ever had from a vendor in the center of Church Street.
Auri, me and Eli in the kids' train. It only cost $1 to ride...we HAD to do it. :-P (It was actually quite cozy)
Auri got me an awesome T-shirt that says "I LOVERMONT" and I bought Auri some Burt's Beeswax stuff and got myself a funny bumper sticker that looks like those "As Seen On TV" things, but it says "As Seen In VT."
    Now the entire time we were walking up and down doing some shopping, we kept seeing the little kids' train pass us, doing it's loop in the center of the street. I have a weakness for riding things like I convinced my cousins that we had to do it, paid the $1 charge for each of us, and then we hopped in. We were a little squished but it was actually really cozy and pretty comfortable. (And we, of course, had to get our picture the conductor.)

    Tamara, who had had knee surgery a few weeks ago, couldn't do all the walking we were doing, so she went over to a market to do some shopping and sit down somewhere warm.
Wallace and Gromit cheese? Haha...awesome.
We picked her up when we had finished with our shenanigans, and then headed over to a pretty cheap cheese/other food store. THEY HAD WALLACE AND GROMIT CHEESE. I almost bought some, but seeing as it had their picture and all that trademark stuff on it, it was a bit too expensive for my liking. I instead, settled on taking some pictures of it.

    After Tamara and Eli took off, Auri and I met up with two of her friends and we went out to dinner. We went to a Thai place called Parima. It was sooo good, I couldn't believe it. We all started off with drinks...and we all got the same thing. It was like a milkshake piƱa colada...with Ben & Jerry's ice cream, coconut, pineapple and some sort of coconut liquor. On top there was a chocolate syrup star and a piece of orange.
Auri and me
..and it was AMAZING. Haha. One of Auri's friends got dumplings which we all shared, and then on to our meals. I got Pad Thai and Auri got a lemon grass soup with chicken and a million other things in it. We split the two dishes. I have no idea how I managed to eat all that food. Anyway, yeah, it was awesome.
    Afterwards, Auri and I just went back to her place and played some games and caught up. It was a good day.
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The t-shirt Auri bought me as an e…
The t-shirt Auri bought me as an …
No, youre not dyslexic...this is …
No, you're not dyslexic...this is…
The kids train that goes up and d…
The kids' train that goes up and …
Auri, me and Eli in the kids trai…
Auri, me and Eli in the kids' tra…
Wallace and Gromit cheese? Haha...…
Wallace and Gromit cheese? Haha..…
Auri and me
Auri and me
photo by: ela82