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Auri on a bridge
    Auri and I woke up around 9:30am on Sunday and decided that, since it was once again sunny and not too chilly out, that we had plenty of time before Eli and Tamara showed up to go for a bike ride. We started off by going from Auri's apartment and up towards the UVM campus...which, for anyone who hasn't seen it, is beautiful. We rode around there and Auri showed me where she was working on campus. From there, we took a paved path that goes around the outside of the campus. The cool thing about UVM is that, years and years ago, the people who bought the land said they would only give it to the university if the majority of it stayed as wildlife and green spaces. It's absolutely beautiful. There are tons of bike paths and places to run on both paved and dirt pathways that go through fields as well as the woods.
A handicapped accessible tree house. There's a ramp that goes off the sidewalk and the tree house is really in a tree. It's beautiful, too.
Other than the fact that there's a highway running right along side part of the path we were on, it was really peaceful.
    From the campus, we headed into a residential neighborhood that took us down to the waterfront. We took a small path off the road and Auri took me through a few trees to this place she loves. It's a handicap accessible tree house! It was really cool...beautifully made and just a really nice idea. There's a ramp so you can get to it from the path, and then the land drops off so the tree house is actually around 20 feet up in a tree. There are some cute little hand crafted benches inside and I just love the overall idea of it.
    From there we passed by a playground and then rode down into a little cove where there were a bunch of dogs chasing balls thrown by their owners into the water.
The Burlington sundial...the only problem is that it was in the shade.
Dogs are insane. I love them, but I don't understand how they could think that playing in freezing cold water on a day when the air temperature is around 40 degrees is a good idea. Haha.
    We continued to follow the path around the water's edge, passing by beautiful beach areas, more people out running/playing with dogs and a few more bikers. When we came around a turn, I saw some stones that were sticking out of the ground. Auri told me it was a sundial. Pretty cool...except that it was in the shade...
    We made our way down to the Burlington waterfront area where there's a nice boardwalk kind of thing, with swinging benches made of recycled materials.
The lake was beautiful and it was really a perfect day for riding (it could have been a bit warmer, but we were all layered up and really didn't feel chilly at all).

    We got back to Auri's apartment around an hour and a half after we left, and still no Eli. So we showered and got cleaned up...I packed up my stuff and then we just hung around for a bit. Eli called and said they were on their hour and a half later, Eli and Tamara showed up. Haha. Anyway, since it was kind of chilly out and it was around 1pm already, we headed over to the Burlington Bay Market and Cafe for some soup. They let us sample their pumpkin and squash bisque, lobster bisque and clam chowder. They were all amazing. The lobster bisque was so buttery, I almost decided that I liked lobster (which I do not).
View of the lake through some trees...nice mountains in the distance.
Auri and I split a Ruben sandwich and a bowl of the best clam chowder I think I've ever eaten.

    After lunch, Eli and Tamara took off and Auri and I went over to visit my Aunt Toby (Eli and Aurina's mom) at the Burlington Sheraton. She was there for a craft show, showing off the blown glass work that my uncle and her do. There were a lot of really beautiful glass balls and glasses well as some new sun catchers stamped with pictures they just came out with recently. We said a quick hello to my aunt and then took a look around at all the very cool, unique and expensive crafts at the show. I got some maple sugar candy for my roommates and some maple walnut fudge for Auri and me to eat. It just melted in my mouth. Good stuff.
    After an hour or so, it was time for me to head back to Syracuse after a very fun weekend. I'm definitely heading back to Burlington sometime soon.
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Auri on a bridge
Auri on a bridge
A handicapped accessible tree hous…
A handicapped accessible tree hou…
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The Burlington sundial...the only…
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View of the lake through some tre…
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