A sad day if you are an English football fan.

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Michael & I after one too many drinks.

Woke up today with a bit of a sore head but then I guess that was my own fault.  Did some more walking around today.  I love cities where you can just walk around whilst getting lost in the numerous side streets and alleys.  THe one thing I will remember about Vienna was how bitterly cold it was.  There was a wind which literally took your breath away.  Another reason for all this walking around was that I wanted to find a bar which was showing the England V's Croatia football game which was being played later that night.  I eventually found an Australian bar which said they were showing the football so job done.  Whilst there I had a "Big Aussie Bite Burger" which has got to be one of the best burgers known to man!

SO eventually day turns into night and it is nearly time for the football.

  I head to the Australian Bar, grab a drink and sit down.  They are showing the football - Unfortunately they aren't showing the England game!!  By this time it is 20.45 and I have got 15 mins until the game starts.  Someone points me in the direction of an Irish Bar called "Flanagans".  I rushed over and it turns out to be a good choice.  The place was heaving and was great for a football game.  Now I know that not everyone likes football but there are occassions (like this one) where football seems like the only important thing in the world.  England had to win this game or face missing out on nexts years European Finals so the tension in the room was tense.  What is so special about football though is that it brings everyone together.  I was in the middle of Vienna, didn't know a soul and yet for those 90 minutes we were all friends.  Going through the same emotions.  In a normal situation the conversations I was having just wouldn't have happened.  With music coming a close second I don't think there is anything else that comes close to football in terms of bringing people together.  I was surrounded by English people, Austrian people, German, Croatian, Russian all whilst sending my mate in Australia updates via text message.  Maybe it was because i had been alone for a few days but this was a really fun 90 minutes.  Unfortunately England lost so no idea what I am going to do next summer now...

ANother thing about this bar which shocked me was the efficiency of the girl waiting on all of the tables.  She was looking after 80+ people (on our side of the bar) and despite being treated like a slave she was pretty amazing at keeping everyone topped up with drinks.  I actually felt quite bad for her and wanted to help her out.  Also made sure I said Please & Thank you as many people didn't seem to bother...

So, despite the depressing result it was my last night in Vienna so I was looking to have a good time.  Headed for the "Bermuda Triangle" area again as this seemed to be the best place.  STarted off in a place called "Bermuda Braeu" which seemed quite civilised upstairs but turned into one big party downstairs.  Didn't get chatting to anyone here but spent a while just people watching.  It was quite amusing.  Everyone was drunk and they were dancing to the strangest mix of songs.  There were Christmas songs, cheesy songs, classic Disco songs (YMCA!?!) and everything in between. 

Left there and eventually ended up in a bar called "Shooters Bar" (I think - Can anyone confirm the name?) which was just over the road.  I nearly walked past but I heard rock music blaring out so thought I would take a look.  Very glad i did because whilst Orto Bar in Ljubljana was the perfect club, this was the perfect bar!  It was very small and in appearence it resembled one of the many American Dive bars.  It was very dark, the floor was sticky and the drinks were cheap.  The fact that the bloke behind the bar had good taste in music was just a bonus.  The crowd in here were very lively and watching them jump around to Metallica was very amusing and a start contrast to the bar I had just left playing YMCA!

By this point things are getting hazy.  Ended up chatting to a guy from Austria called Michael.  Not sure how the conversation started or ended but as usual he wanted to get me drunk - His drink of choice was Jagermeister and he proceeded to consume.  He even got the bar man involved which was cool.  After a while Michael asked the barman for a key.  He ran over to a locked door saying he had something for me.  It was very surreal but eveyone stopped to look whilst muttering things like "That door NEVER gets opened!".  I was suddenly panicked that he had gone to get some drink that would put me on the floor.  He returned empty handed but explained that he had gone to get me a football shirt or something as a souvenir but they didn't have any - I appreciated the thought.  As you can see from the photo below we bonded quite easily!  Must keep my promise to stay in touch!  Just remembered that he called one of my English friends up and told him to get down to the bar so he could get him a drink.  I think he forgot they were in different countries!

By this point I was actually quite sad to be leaving Vienna... 

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Michael & I after one too many dri…
Michael & I after one too many dr…
photo by: hellenica