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My first Slovenian meal - It was good although I am sure I asked for something different. Unlike back home they don't ask you how you want your steak cooking. It just comes rare,

Not proud of the fact but I slept most of today.  I think I needed it.

Eventually crawled out of the room around 4pm and went straight to the restaurant in the hostel.  Had a really good steak and then went for a walk about the town to try and get some pictures.  Bumped into Petra again so had another quick chat.  She said I should try Bachus Centre tonight.  More on that later.

Even after 2 days here I am getting a feel for things and a few observations so far are

1) Regardless of how cold it gets (and it is freezing her) people still sit outside bars to drink/eat.  They have heaters but it is still crazy!!

2) When you go drinking alone you tend to drink quicker - This has both positive and negative effects.

3) The pedestrian street crossings here are hilarious.  You press the button to indicate your need to cross.  You are then presented with an LED counter which ticks down from about 45 to 0.  During this time there is a quite loud and irritating clicking noise every few seconds.  Obviously this is for blind people and is all when and good until the counter hits "0".  Suddenly the bclicking turns into something that resembles rapid machine gun fire.  I think if I was blind I would be ducking for cover!

4) Everyone is really friendly.

5) The food is very simple.  Nice but quite basic.

6) As a capital city it is quite small.  You can walk around it quite easily.  Got me thinking about London.  Is it too big for it's own good?  If it was smaller and more compact would it be a nicer place to live.  This is where my thoughts went off on a tangent and started wishing that Guns N' Roses had applied this logic and realeased the Illusion I & II albums as a single album.  It would have been much better!

Due to the mass evacuation of students my only real option for places to go out tonight were the same as last night.  The Cutty Sark was relaible as I imagine it always is.  Before heading to Orto I thought I would give Bachus Centrw a try.  Whilst the venue is impressive (multiple rooms / floors) the actual people who seem to go there were the kind of people that annoy me.  They were all very pretty but it was a constant competion to see who can draw the most attention.  Left quite quickly.

Ended back in Orto Bar.  Again, the place was heaving and the music just as good as the previous night.  Didn't really get chatting to anyone but there were plenty of drunk people to watch and keep me amused!  One bloke thought he could woo two girls, probably 10 years his junior by doing a pretend strip tease and breakdancing on the floor.  Obviously he couldn't breakdance but no one wanted to ruin the entertainment!  Another source of amusement for me was this couple who really should have got a room.  They were quite "playful" and the bloke was quite proud of the fact he had a girl and he was lifting her off the floor showing everyone that he was a man and he had a lady...  Shame the illusion was ruined by her making him hold her handbag all evening!

Left the bar about 03.00am and it had just started snowing.  Tomorrow could be fun I thought...

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My first Slovenian meal - It was g…
My first Slovenian meal - It was …
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