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So I land in Slovenia, slightly delayed because they had to change the front wheel of the plane and I am rushing for a taxi.  As sad as it may sound I am in a rush because I want to catch the Austria V's England football game on TV.

Find a taxi fairly easily and am greeted by a really friendly driver who proceeds to teach me some common words that he felt would be useful for my stay.  After the usual "Hello", "Goodbye", "Thank You" he decided it might be wise that I learnt the words "I love you".  I didn't use it.

Got dropped at the Hostel which was called Penzion Pod Lipo - Highly recommend it.  Anyway, dumped my stuff and headed for town.  Didn't have a clue where I was going so ended up trying to ask for "Pub showing English football???".

  Eventually got directed a friendly local to a pub she thought might show the game.  I had no other leads so off I went.  I couldn't believe it when I turned the corner and I saw a big sign simply saying "ENGLAND PUB".  Whilst I wanted to see the game I didn't really want my first drinking experience of Slovenia to be in a place like this - Turned out to be okay.  There was actually no English people in there which was good and the only thing remotely English was the dodgy decor.  Even the commentary of the game was in a foreign language.

Upom leaving here it was getting on for 11.00pm so I asked the barmaid if she had any advice on where I could get a drink.  She explained that as Ljubljana is a student town it is quite quiet at weekends so I was best off walking around and seeing what I could find.

Petra, my tour guide.
  Upon further advice I headed down to the river.  The closer I got to the center the nicer the scenery became.  I had decided to check out a bar which seemed to be called "Skeleton Bar" simply for the fact that the interior is decked out with skeletons.  Even with a map I couldn't seem to find it so I saw a girl selling mulled wine on the street so I thought I would ask her if she knew where the bar was.  She was quite busy but managed to point me in the correct direction.  The bar was okay but it was very busy and I felt a bit strange standing by myself.  Only stayed for one drink so again was in search of a drinking establishment.

On the way out I passed the mulled wine girl again.  Her name was Petra and she had no customers now so I went to see if I could get any further advice from her.

A model of the city of Ljubljana.
  She was really happy to help & her English was really good.  We got chatting and she was intersted in London and what it was like to live there.  We chatted for about 5 minutes when her boss came out saying something in quite a harsh tone.  She looked embarrassed and she explained that her boss thought that I was her boyfriend and was distracting her.  I thought it was funny until she explained that it was only her second day on the job.  She said she wasn't looking forward to her real boyfriend coming down later to pick her up!!  Anyway, the advice she gave was the "Cutty Sark Pub" or "Orto Bar".  I couldn't decide so I thought I would try both.

Cutty Sark was an Irish bar and was quite lively.  There is something about Irish bars that I really like so I stayed here for a while, mainly people watching.  Heard Sweet Child O' Mine for the 1st of atleast 10 times whilst in Slovenia!

Upon leaving there I hopped into a Taxi and headed for Orto Bar.  As soon as I walked n I really liked the place.  It looked cool with big revolving fans in the wall and flashing lights everywhere.  The music was also exactly what I had hoped for.  It is more rock orientated and was right up my street!  Didn't think it could get better until I went upstairs and they were playing what we call back in England "Party Tunes".  It could be anything from the Beatles to Abba to Marilyn Manson and back again.  Oh and of cousre Sweet Child O' Mine!  Every song was a classic so I actually spend most of my time up here. 

Now the alcohol was kicking in I got chatting to a few people.  A group of about 4 locals.  Two girls, two blokes.  One girl explained how she supported Chelsea FC because she fancied a couple of the players.  I think the conversation ended there.

Also met a chap from Germany.  He seemed quite reserved and from what I remember I got him drunk.  We arranged to meet the next night as he was travelling alone.  I did text him the following night to arrange something but it turns out that I was mistakenly asking the owner of my hostel out for a drink.  Must have confused numbers in a drunken state...


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Petra, my tour guide.
Petra, my tour guide.
A model of the city of Ljubljana.
A model of the city of Ljubljana.
photo by: Chokk