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Woke up quite early this morning.  Have been away a week now and my body clock is completely screwed up.  No idea how I will adjust when it is time to get back to work.

I was going to use today to walk around and see what the town had to offer.  Atleast from an English man's point of view whenever Bratislava is spoken of it is always in the context of a stag party and what local "delights" are on offer.  No one ever talks about it as they talk about Paris or Barcelona.  As a result there wasn't really anything obvious to head for so I just walked around the old town in ever increasing circles.  As with many cities I have visited that have an "old town" the beauty of them is generally stunning.  I still think Dubrovnik is my favourite "Old Town" but Bratislava and Ljubljana aren't far behind.

In the centre of the old town there was a small square which was housing a market.  No idea if it was a permanent fixture or it was purely there in the lead up to Christmas.  It was almost like a scene from a Christmas movie.  There was a huge Xmas tree in the middle, little market stalls selling everything from wooden toys to mulled wine, all whilst 100 's of people bustle around in groups.  It made me feel very Christmassy which is rare for me.

Like Ljubljana, Bratislava has got a castle perched upon a hill which dominates the city.  Made me think about London - Now we have the "Tower of London" which was built to help protect the city.  Was it a design flaw that it isn't on a hill?  London would look amazing with the "Tower of London"  perched on a hill overlooking the city.

The guys I met from London along with their Slovakian friend / tour guide
   I was temped to go up to get a view of the city from Bratislava Castle but was advised by most people that the hike up the hill isn't really worth the effort.  Besides I was going to get a view of the city from the UFO Tower on the Novy Bridge...

... except it was closed for some reason?  The plan had been to go up there and watch the sun set whilst getting panoramic views of the city.  Oh well.

So day became night and my attention turned to how I amused myself in the evening.  After the friendliness of the Slovenians and Austrians it was a bit of a shock to find that the Slovakians were not overly friendly.  They weren't rude by any stretch of the imagination but they certainly weren't as welcoming to strangers.

  No idea if this was due to the language barrier??  I could never critisise anyone for their language skills but I had assumed that with all of the English visitors the language skills of people such as Bar Staff would have been better.  Maybe I should have learnt Slovakian!

It had turned into a bit of a routine since Ljubljana but I generally ate around 9pm and would then go looking for a bar/club that would keep me amused.  I began tonight in a place called "Aligator Rock Pub".  As a pub it was fine.  Drinks and music were good but for some reason I didn't feel that welcome there.  As a group I probably woudn't have noticed but as someone drinking alone it seemed a bit cliquey.  THe bouncer almost seemed to dislike me for some reason.

Eventually moved on to a few other places such as Medusa and Havana Cafe - Both were fun and friendly but the prices of the drinks seemed to be alot higher than elsewhere.

Time was getting on by now and I knew that if I didn't find somewhere that I really liked it would end up being another early night which didn't really interest me.  I was lining up for some place advertising "Disco" wondering how long it would take to get in when I heard an accent I recognised muttering the words "This queue is worse than London".  I turned around to agree and started a conversation. Next thing I know I am being invited to join a group of about 6 lads from London.  I was kind of relieved as I was in need of conversation.  They were with a girl who as a friend of one of them had agreed to be their guide around the city.

  After some deliberation we were in a taxi hurtling towards a club called "Sparx".

Now Sparx was alot of fun - I suddenly had people to talk to and the place was full of people dancing / chatting and generally having fun.  No idea how long we were in there for but the drinks flowed.

After Spark we headed to a place called Cirkus Barok.  This place is basically a club on a boat that is sitting on the Danube.  I had intended to go here but I was glad I had company.  It wouldn't have been much fun alone.  The actual club was okay.  Nothing special and the people on the boat looked as though they had been drinking for way too long.  Someone commented how that it was like Essex on a boat.  (For any non English readers the definition of "Essex" from Urban is: "Home of the sluts, and chavs. Essex in the UK is totally populated by them, and you can't go to a club without the threat of being stabbed, or getting drunk and getting a girl pregnant. ")

Can't remeber where we went after that but it was messy.

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The guys I met from London along w…
The guys I met from London along …
UFO Tower
UFO Tower
Bratislava Castle
Bratislava Castle
photo by: Vagabondatheart