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The train fron Vienna to Bratislava only takes one hour but the difference between the two countries is striking.  It is amazing how an invisible line in the ground can result in such a huge difference.  The way buildings look are different.  People look very different.  People speak very differently.  I know it is a different country but we are talking 40 miles!

Of all the places I had planned to visit I was most looking forward to Bratislava.  Not sure why?  It was the place which I had been warned about the most and was told that English people are not necessarily all that welcome, mainly due to all of the stag parties which now descend upon the the Slovakian Capital.  Maybe it was this uncertainty which intrigued me?

Maybe it is because of the history of the place but the first thing that strikes you is how Communist everything looks.  It seems a silly statement but once you are out of the Old Town (much of which was built in the 14-15th century apparently) it is very obvious that this place was once part of the Eastern Bloc.  It was also quite common for Slovakian men to dress in military clothing / boots.  It seems quite common but for me it was quite strange to see.  As I spent most of my time in the old town I probably didn't get to see just how much of the communist past remains.

The Hostel I was staying in was called "City Hostel" and looks quite new.  Again I would recommend it to anyone on a budget.  Clean, warm & friendly which is a step up from the one in Vienna!

By the time i had arrived in Bratislava it was early evening so I just went straight out onto the town.  Didn't have a clue where anything was so I just walked about.  First bar I ended up in was called KGB.  This place was cool and was full of paraphernalia from the Communist era..  I guess the name was a give away but it was quite strange how it had been turned into a tourist attraction almost.  After using Euro's for currency in Slovenia & Vienna, everything seemed really cheap in Slovakia once I started using Slovakian Koruny.  A beer in this KGB place was 38 Skk which equates to approx £0.80.  In London it is not unusual for me to pay £3.50 (163Skk).  The beer is strong here too :-)

The KGB bar like many in Ljubljana & Vienna played great music.  They are not ashamed of Rock Music.  In England if you like rock music you are the minority.  It does go through phases of being popular but it is just a phase until people get bored.  Over here people seem to love it which for me is great!

It wasn't too long before i started to feel the ill effects of the night before creeping in.  It wasn't very late but I was getting very tired.  Took a walk around the old town to try & get my bearings and took note of what I must do tomorrow.  Tried out a few other bars but despite being a Thursday night everywhere seemed fairly quiet.  I guess most of the stag parties will arrive tomorrow!

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photo by: Vagabondatheart