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I hate packing with a passion.  Every time I go away somewhere I go through the same old routine which basically involves me avoiding doing any packing until absolutely necessary.  I think about beginning the packing about 3 days before I am due to leave.  Can never be bothered so instead I write a list of the things I think I should be packing.  I soon get bored of that also so I am left with an empty suitcase and a half written list of things I should be packing.

As you may have guessed I am due to leave the house in about an hour to catch a train to the airport and I am still pulling washing out of the machine thinking it will be dry enough to pack.  I don't think I will ever learn

I got to the airport fairly smoothly which leads me on to another pet hate.  Why do they make airports so boring?  Apart from drink over priced beer or dodgy food there isn't much to do other than waltz around Boots in a circle.  Why not put in some pool tables, mabe a casino or a cinema.  Most of the time you sit there for 3 hours doing nothing anyway!

The flight was pretty rubbish also.  I had a window seat, then there was a gap and then there was a girl in the aisle seat.  She was pleasent enough but we were surrounded by a mixture of English / Australian mem who were way too drunk for the time of the day.  They were really annoying and loud and constantly bounced around their seats which meant me and the girl in the aisle seat were knocked about every couple of minutes.  One bloke even fell on this poor girl.  It was a good job she seemed quite laid back.  I am the first to admit that when I am with my male friends we can get silly but I always like to think that we still have consideration for others.  If I am wrong can someone please let me know for next time.

I wasn't sure if as a result of travelling alone on this trip I would feel lonely at some point.  When on the plane I did kind of wish I had someone to share it with.  This feeling however soon disappeared as another elbow clouted me in the back of the head courtisy of one of the aforementioned drunks!

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photo by: ulysses