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This is how many people go there, on average

We kicked off my birthday on Memorial day weekend and it was AWESOME! The last day was the best part because I got to go to the Salt River  for the very last time:( The Salt River is in Mesa, AZ in one of the Indian Reservations. The drive to the River is really nice and scenic too. It's about 45 minutes outside of Tempe, AZ. Oh, before I go on, please make sure that there is a DD (designated driver) whenever you go here! There will surely be MANY cops on the way back into town just itching to give DUIs.

This river is a place where people from all walks of life come and float down a river for four hours and have a good time! You don't necessarily have to be drinking, but usually most people are. It's a really fun way to escape the heat in AZ. It's especially really good for college students because it's super cheap to go here ($13 a tube!) and you get to BYOB so there are no extra costs. They provide a shuttle to go down to the river so there really isn’t much that you have to worry about. Also, it's also a lot more fun to go with a big group because you get to mingle in the tubes! So, here is what to do:

-          bring tons of sun block

-          bring rope to tie the tubes together

-          you can bring a bed sheet or a large towel to cover the tube bc it gets really hot

-          bring a keg or a large cooler and make sure you buy an extra tube for this

-          DO NOT bring purses, cell phones, etc.

Me and the buddies, and the cooler in the middle
because everything will get wet. If you opt to do this any way, bring a tightly sealed zip loc bag

-          Bring sandals that are easy to take off because the rocks on the bottom are pretty rough

-          Snacks are also a great idea if you opt to float the entire 4 hours

-          Bring your least favorite bathing suit because the river is not all that clean! Since there is no toilet and you float for a LONG time, where do you think everything goes? …..YEAH

I must mention that even though this river is not too wild, there are parts that the rapids get dangerous.

This is where you can jump from. Like I said, it's not hard to find
Always keep your butt up when going over the rapids because there are protruding rocks. Also, there is a fun place where you can dive off the rocks. This is pretty easy to spot because there are people jumping off it all day. Another cool spot is halfway down the river (about a 2 hour float) where there is a beach. It’s certainly no beautiful beach, but it’s tons of fun especially after 2 hours of margaritas!

Any way, this place is awesome and I hope more people can enjoy it as much as I did! I think it’s definitely a must see place when visiting the phoenix area.


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This is how many people go there, …
This is how many people go there,…
Me and the buddies, and the cooler…
Me and the buddies, and the coole…
This is where you can jump from. L…
This is where you can jump from. …
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photo by: bluemarbletreader