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Hi everybody,

In the summer of 2005 I went to Amerika. This was a plan I had for almost a year. I was planning on going with my boyfriend but unfornately we split up and so I decided to go alone. It was my best decision ever. I made all the plans to leave work, beacuse I have a fullt ime job so it's not easy to have four moths off. So I started to work over time to save up days. Because I have my own house it was nececssary that I had money to pay my bills in the time I wasn't there. Luckily my sister came to live with me so she could watch over the house while I was gone. It was a very exciting time before I left. So much to take care off. Leave everything and everybody behind. And for me it was really a good thing I needed this time away to clear my head a lot had happened over the last year so it was a very good thing that I went.

Because I wantde to work in a summercamp I had to fill out an enormous amount of paperwork, I had to take an interview and when everything was approved you could go. I had to apply for a work visa. It was acrazy time. But I succeed. Then on June 1st my journey who changed my life began. On the airport in Amsterdam there were a lot of other travelers. I talked to a girl on the phone before this trip she was dutch as well and living near my place. I saw her immediately on the airport and from that moment on we became close friends. We travelde trough an organisation called CCUSA they arranged the trip and some other things for us. Then it was time to say goodbye. Everybody cried buy after the pasport control everything was forgotten and I started my trip.

I will be writing soon







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